Breckenridge Brews & Bar-B-Que

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If you liveBreckenridge Bar-B-Que and Tasting Room in Colorado, you know that the weather this month has been a blessing from Mother Nature.  Usually March is the snowiest month of the year.  However this March we’ve not seen a single flake, and more surprisingly, we’ve had unseasonably warm temperatures in the mid-70s.   If I didn’t have a calendar I’d swear it was at least May!  There’s nothing like a warm sunny day to make me start craving some backyard barbeque.   Since we were already out and about we decided the next best thing to making it ourselves would be a visit to Breckenridge Bar-B-Que in Denver.   Breckenridge Bar-B-Que also happens to be the Breckenridge Brewery Tasting Room, so the bonus would be that we could wash our lunch down with some cold Breckenridge beer.   What’s not to love about that?

First things first, let’s talk food.  Breckenridge Bar-B-Que makes some seriously delicious grub.  Having eaten here many times we already knew everything on the menu was delicious.  We also knew that we if we weren’t careful we could easily eat ourselves into a food coma.  To be safe we ordered sandwiches – a barbecue chicken sandwich for Jeff, and pulled pork for me.  Breckenridge pulled pork sandwichBoth came with chips, but could have been upgraded to any number of delicious sides (that mac and cheese was calling my name…!)  The food came fast and, OMG, it was fabulous.  Like any good barbecue it was messy and sticky to eat, but come on, it’s not real barbecue if you’re not licking it off your fingers when you’re done!  Needless to say this was the real deal, and we quickly scarfed down every bite.Breckenridge Regal Pilsner & Irish Red Ale

Since we managed to avoid over-stuffing ourselves with food, we were able to try a few different beers during our visit.  We started with two beers we’d never had before: the Irish Red Ale and the Regal Pilsner. The Irish Ale was really great, with a nice balance of malt and hops.   The Regal Pilsner is a small-batch brew that isn’t available year round, and I’m happy we were able to give it a try.  It had just enough hops to feel hoppy to me, but at 45 IBUs it wasn’t overpowering.   To finish up, our amazing server surprised us with a few cold cans of SummerBright Ale, fresh off the line.  SummerBright is probably my favorite Breckenridge brew, very light and just a little citrusy.  It was the perfect beer for such a summery spring day.

Oh Breckenridge Brewery… your amazing hospitality would have kept us there all day if we hadn’t already made other plans.  Next time we visit we’ll stick around a while longer so we can fill up on more great barbecue and try a few more beers!