Big Horn Blonde

Beers and Burgers at C.B. & Potts (Highlands Ranch)

In Breweries by Chris

It was only after a long day of drinking that we made our way to C.B. and Potts in Highlands Ranch.  As members of the Colorado Parrot Head Club, we spent the day working on our St. Patrick’s Day parade float (which by the way, is amazing.  I’ll post more details on that after the parade next weekend.)  Of course you can’t build without beer, so we drank outside all day before heading to Potts.  I only had one beer here, but being that there are several C.B. & Potts locations in Colorado, I’ll get a little more diverse with their beers next time.

This time around, we went with a really large group of friends (fellow Parrot Heads and a few others).  We picked this particular location because our buddy Brian works here, and he was actually our server that night.  Brian was awesome, of course!  He was able to keep our crew happy, and being that many of us were drunk and belligerent before we even showed up, that’s quite the amazing feat.   If you’re reading this C.B. & Potts… that Brian guy really deserves a big ol’ raise and promotion!

Big Horn BlondeOkay, now that I’ve shamelessly promoted our friend, time for some C.B. & Potts beer.   I had the Big Horn Blonde.  Super light, it’s a great summer beer, and given the unseasonably warm day we’d had it hit the spot.  Jeff had the Big Red Ale IPA.  Very tasty.  I wish I could say more about the beers, but we were pretty spent, and all I could remember was that they went down quickly.

Food at C.B. and Potts is pretty interesting.  It’s mostly all good, but they have some crazy items on the menu.  For example, the Burger Dog; I think I’ll steer clear of that one.  The standard burgers are always good, as were the Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese Bites. Who doesn’t like a little squeaky cheese with their beer, right?

Overall, C.B & Potts made for a fun night of food, friends & of course, beer.  We tend to frequent more small batch, independent breweries, but Potts makes some solid, good beers.  I look forward to visiting the other locations and trying other varieties on our beer tour of Colorado.