Breakwater Pale Ale

Another Night Wasted at Dry Dock Brewing Co

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Breakwater Pale Ale

I’ll admit right away that our visit to Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora was really sort of an accident.  We actually had to make a run to The Brew Hut for some home brewing supplies, and being that Dry Dock is attached to The Brew Hut it seems almost rude to not pop in for a pint.  That’s how it always starts for us…. we stop for ONE pint and then some sort of beer amnesia sets in and we start to wonder what possible reasons we have to leave.  Not being able to think of any, we ended up texting our friends Shawn & Jessica to join us.   Next thing you know, its last call.  I’m still not exactly sure how we lost so much time at Dry Dock, but it probably had a lot to do with Geeks Who Drink trivia.  But hey, we took 3rd place in trivia that night, so I count that as a “win.”  But I digress, this is supposed to be about the beer…

I stuck to one style all night – the Breakwater Pale Ale.  I love this beer. It’s light and at 40 IBU’s has just the right amount of hoppyness for me, which is to say not very much.  The fellas, which I already mentioned in the last post are hop heads, really enjoyed the 90 IBU Dry Dock Double IPA.  Jessica had both the Belgian-Style Tripel and the Vanilla Porter.  The porter was her clear favorite.  We also tried a sour (the name of which escapes me).  Nobody in our group is a big fan of sour beers, and this one didn’t change our opinion.  Still, if sour is your thing I’m sure it was delicious.  Dry Dock doesn’t make a bad beer.

I should mention this wasn’t our first trip to Dry Dock. On the contrary, we’re frequent visitors here and really love everything about the place.   We’ve also been here enough to know that we always stay too long, drink too much, fill up on free popcorn and generally make fools of ourselves.  That’s why there’s not many pictures of Dry Dock.  We know enough to put the camera away before things get wacky.

Funny thing about this night:  Remember how we only went to Dry Dock because we needed supplies from The Brew Hut?  Yeah, that beer amnesia meant that we totally forgot one of the things we needed, so we had to go back the next day.  Still totally worth it!