St. Patrick’s Shenanigans and Blarney Rock Irish Ale

In Beer Spotlight by Chris

St. Patrick’s Day came and went, and now that we have finally recovered I can write about our day (or what I remember of it.)  We wanted to drink but not drive, so we spent a few nights in Denver where we could celebrate in safe walking distance to our hotel.   Being members of the Colorado Parrot Head Club we were already participating in the Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade, so you could bet your shamrocks there were some pre- and post-partying to be done and we didn’t want to miss a thing.


The parade itself was amazing.  Denver has the largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade west of the Mississippi, lasting around 4 hours.  It’s a good thing we’re in it, because no way I could survive as a spectator that long.   Weeks of float building and preparation went into our float this year, which was “Parrots of the Caribbean,” a pirate ship tribute to Grace O’Malley,a famous Irish Pirate Queen.   The float was amazing!  Of course, we had a bar on deck serving up margaritas and kegs of beer, so we were feeling no pain by the time our crew invaded Denver.   After the parade we forged ahead to The Fainting Goat, an Irish pub that was our parade sponsor this year.   I can’t remember exactly what we had over the course of the day, but know there were plenty of Guinness and Harp, several Car Bombs, a shot of Jameson, and I think even Jägermeister made an appearance.   I don’t remember all the details, but from the pictures I’ve seen I think we had a good time.

Sunday we awoke all bleary eyed and feeling beat up.   We made our way home around lunchtime, craving a giant burger and fries to soak up some of the liquor.   We decided on Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Co, having every intention to visit only for food, no drinks!  Wouldn’t you know it though – Rockyard had a limited edition Blarney Rock Irish Ale on tap for the holiday.  I don’t know if you have the resolve to pass up a limited edition brew, but we clearly do not.   Even feeling hung over,from Rockyard American Brewing, Castle Rock, CO we both had a Blarney Rock, and boy were they good!   It was a smooth Irish Red, light and a little sweet.   If I hadn’t partied all night, I could have stayed and drank them all day.   Wisely however we stopped at one!

I feel it’s our duty as part of our Beer Tour of Colorado to visit Rockyard again and try more beers – even though we’ve visited many times before and tried just about all of them.   However on this day, that one Irish Ale was perfection, and we decided to leave while we were still making good decisions and take a  well-deserved nap.