Copper Kettle Brewing 1 Year Anniversary

We visited Copper Kettle Brewing Company this weekend, just in time for their One Year Anniversary celebration! Apparently, however, though our timing was right, we really blew it (according to a friend) by not having the best beer on their menu, the Mexican Chocolate Stout. I mean, it was only a GABF Gold Medal Winner. Ugh. I guess we already need to plan a return trip.

Copper Kettle Brewing Company’s 1st Anniversary

Since it was their anniversary weekend, Copper Kettle had much of their parking lot roped off to make way for some tables, chairs and a few outside kegs. It was a beautiful day and I didn’t see that they typically offer any outside seating, so this was a definite plus. Since they were also pouring two beers outside, we decided to start with those – the Copper Mezzina Ale and the American Amber. The Mezzina was the hoppier of the two, very tasty and aromatic. The Amber also had a nice amount of hops, but was also quite malty and well-balanced. Both were great.

After a while under the sun, we needed to take cover and refill our beers. We went inside for two more and tried the Bavarian Helles and the Heller Dopple Bock. The Bavarian Helles (4% ABV) was a light and refreshing blonde lager, perfect for cooling off from the hot sun outside. The Doppel Bock was very similar to the Bavarian Helles. It was just as light and refreshing with a more malty flavor. The Doppel Bock also had more of a kick, with an ABV at 7.5% compared to just 4% for the Helles. Just as smooth and nearly twice the ABV? That could be dangerous!

Overall we really liked the Copper Kettle. The beers we delicious and everyone there was so friendly and knowledgable. Besides, we gotta try that Mexican Chocolate Stout of we’ll never hear the end of it. You bet we’ll be back!


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