Frikin Friday at Dry Dock

We celebrated the end of the work week at Dry Dock Brewing for happy hour for their Friday firkin. Firkins are hit or miss with us. I like the experimental brews and will try them whenever and wherever they’re offered. Jeff, on the other hand, doesn’t really like messing with a good thing. Since he’s not a big fruit or flavored beer fan, he often tries them but rarely thinks they’re better than the original. This week at Dry Dock they offered the Strawberry-Infused Heidi Klum Golden Ale. I thought the firkin was good. The strawberry taste was very authentic (not artificial) and not overpowering. Jeff actually thought it was pretty good too, despite his dislike for firkins and fruity beers. Nicely done, Dry Dock.

When we weren’t trying the firkin, we were enjoying a few Dry Dock classic beers. Jeff stuck with the USS Enterprise IPA, while I enjoyed the Breakwater Pale Ale. I cannot say enough how much I enjoy the beers at Dry Dock. Mixed with some friends and a few random games, it was a great way to kick off the weekend.