Great Minds Drink Alike at Great Divide Brewing Co

We weren’t planning on drinking away our Sunday afternoon. We went out to run a few errands and planned to spend the afternoon at home, getting ready for the week ahead. We had the best of intentions. But you know what? We have the best time when we just give up on our plans and go with the flow. It’s sort of a habit of ours, and that’s exactly what happened this particular Sunday.

Great Divide Brewing Company

It was a warm, sunny day and we found ourselves in downtown Denver. The plan was to grab a quick beer at Great Divide Brewing Company but things went a bit sideways. We thought they opened at noon but arrived to find they didn’t actually open until 2 p.m. Oh well. We decided to grab a beer at nearby Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub instead. One beer, then home. That was the plan.

Well, one drink in at Scruffy Murphy’s and we ran into our friends Rob and Stacy. Great minds drink alike, apparently! Before you knew it one cold beer turned into another, and we decided to head to Great Divide together. Screw being responsible, it was a much better idea to drink great craft beer with pals!

Great Divide’s taproom was bustling when we arrived just they opened. We get the feeling that it’s always this way here. Great craft beer brings the crowds, and this taproom is pretty small. In fact, the whole brewery is surprisingly small for how much beer they produce. Apparently good things really do come in small packages.

Jeff focused in on the Hercules Double IPA and stuck with that beer during our visit. The aroma was all hops, but the beer was well-balanced and surprisingly easy drinking given its 10% ABV. I went with some sample pours and tried the Colette Farmhouse Ale, Denver Pale Ale (DPA) and Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti. Colette was tasty and tart, while the Yeti was like dessert in a glass. Both were good but strong: Colette was 7.3% ABV and Yeti was 9.5% ABV. My favorite was the Denver Pale Ale, which was crisp, bitter and delicious. DPA is good stuff, and the reasonable 5.7% ABV meant I could enjoy a pint more without going overboard.

As the day wore on more & more thirsty craft beer drinkers made their way to Great Divide Brewing Company. It got a bit tight in there, but for these beers, it’s worth fighting the crowds. You can take our word for it, or maybe all of Great Divide’s GABF bling will convince you that they make good beer. They have an amazing selection, so stop by and try them out. We’re sure you’ll find something you like.

For us, beers were finished with a leisurely dinner and then finally, home. We didn’t get any errands done but that stuff will wait. We had a great day with some awesome friends and delicious beers. We have no regrets.

Sunday is brew day at Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver.
Sunday brewing at Great Divide

Need a Place to Procrastinate? Try Great Divide Brewing Company

Check out Great Divide and their tasty, tasty beers when you want to waste time in Denver. You won’t regret it either.

Great Divide Brewing Company
2201 Arapahoe St
Denver, CO 80205