Lone Tree Brewing Brings Great Beers to the ‘Burbs

Lone Tree Brewing Company

Our visit to Lone Tree Brewing Company was more about meeting up with friends than sampling all their beers, so we both stuck with one variety the whole night.  Jeff stuck with the Hoptree IPA, and I had the Puddle Jumper Pale Ale.  Both were good, with strong hop aromas and flavors.  Of course, the Hoptree was much more aggressively hopped, at 80 IBUs.  Still, the Puddle Jumper had a good deal of hop bitterness as well, at 40 IBUs.   Both were great, and we each had several.  I would say more about them, but again, we both had several!  Needless to say, we didn’t make note of the finer details, but really enjoyed our brews.

The Hoptree IPA (L) and Puddle Jumper Pale Ale (R)

A few other members of our group had some samples, and it seems like most of the beers were a big hit.   I’m pretty sure I didn’t see any beer left over in any of those taster glasses.

Lone Tree Brewing Company is nestled away in an industrial park not too far from Park Meadows Mall, along the C470 corridor.  It’s definitely great to have a tap house making good craft beers in the ‘burbs!   Like most tasting rooms they don’t serve food (unless you count some hit-or-miss popcorn), but you can bring your own.  There isn’t anything nearby walkable, but I’m sure there are places to deliver.   We were lucky enough during our visit because a boys little league team came in with way more pizzas than they needed.  Luckily for us, they saw an opportunity, and sold us some of their leftover slices at 50-cents a pop!  What a deal!   We got a whole pizza for $4, which when you’re drinking and there is no other food around, is a bargain indeed!  Way to seize an opportunity, boys!