Spontaneous Brewery Crawl Stop 3: Strange Brewing Company

The third and final stop on our Spontaneous Saturday Pub Crawl was to Strange Brewing Company in Denver. After our first two stops, we used the same logic to find brewery number three – what is nearby? We were so happy to see that Strange Brewing was nearby since we’ve been wanting to visit for a while. We’ve had Strange Brewing beers at a few local beer festivals and seen their taps showing up at more and more bars around town. Every time we’ve tasted their beers they’ve been good, leaving us wanting more. After all, who doesn’t want a little Strange every now and again? All kidding aside, we were stoked to finally be visiting their tasting room.

Strange Brewing Company

Strange Brewing Company’s tasting room is really nice and comfortable, and apparently quite popular based on the size of the crowd inside. Even though they were busy the bar staff was quick to get us some beers, and we were able to find a little spot to hang out while we enjoyed them. Had the weather been nicer we could have sat outside, but as it was cool and raining we stayed just inside the roll-up doors. There was a food cart outside serving up all kinds of delicious looking stuff (bacon wrapped grilled jalapenos… are you f-ing kidding me? Yum!) I wish I knew their name so I could give them a shout out because their food looked amazing. We finally decided to get some steak nachos which was delicious with our beers. Whoever decided to pair tasting rooms with food carts/food trucks is freaking brilliant. Seriously, yum.

Being that this was stop number three on our brewery crawl, we were only up for two more beers. I selected the Strange Pale Ale for myself, while Jeff picked the IPAphany India Pale Ale. Almost immediately we mixed up which beer was which, and given that both were big ol’ hoppy brews, we never really decided for sure what we each were drinking. Both beers were really good, with lots of hops that balanced nicely with the malts and paired well with our spicy nachos.

It’s a shame that after a long day of beer sampling we couldn’t have stayed for more beers since they had a lot of great looking items on their menu. It’s no surprise that most of the people in the tasting room seemed to select the flight, which if my count was correct had 10 different brews to sample. Next time, that’s the way we’ll go for sure. With names like the Paint It Black Honey Coffee Stout and the Cherry Kriek I know we need to return again soon to sample more.

Strange Brewing is a pretty big facility, has a great tasting room, and some really delicious beers. It was the perfect end to our three brewery tasting room pub crawl. We can’t wait to do it again!