Colorado Springs Beer Tour, Part 3: Visiting Trinity Brewing Company

After a whirlwind tour of the Colorado Springs brewery scene, we woke up Sunday with only one thing on our mind: breakfast! Lucky for us we found a cute (and pretty popular) local place for some grub, the King’s Chef Diner. If you’re in Colorado Springs for breakfast, I highly recommend this place. Just be warned: their portions are HUGE. Jeff ordered the ½ breakfast burrito, and I ordered a ¼ size of their special called The Grump, and we both left food on our plates! Did you catch that? One-quarter of the regular size was too much for me. That’s crazy! Our breakfasts were both great and were just what we needed after our beer drinking from the day before.

Visiting Trinity Brewing Company

With our most important meal of the day taken care of, it was back to thinking about beer! Today was going to be a no-brainer because there was only one place on our agenda: Trinity Brewing Company. Trinity was our only planned stop for today because we really wanted it to be a nice, long, leisurely visit. Although we’d never been here, we had both heard very good things about Trinity. In fact, just the night before as we visited several other Colorado Springs establishments, whenever we told someone what we were doing, they told us we had to be sure to visit Trinity. We heard all about the amazing artisanal beers they are known to brew at Trinity, but that wasn’t the only reason we were excited to visit. We also heard about Trinity’s “slow food” made of fresh regional ingredients, and how they are committed to recycling, composting, and encouraging others to live healthy. Trinity Brewing even gives a 10% discount to anyone who comes to their location by way of “human power.” I mean, how cool is that? We felt all warm and fuzzy about this place, and we’d not even walked in the door yet!

As if the incredible word-of-mouth wasn’t enough, there was one more reason why we were going to spend all afternoon at Trinity: Pliny the Elder. You see, Trinity doesn’t just serve their own beers, but they also have a pretty impressive lineup of other craft brews. When we got wind on their Facebook page that there was one keg of Pliny the Elder to be tapped at 11 AM, we knew we had to plan to pay them a good, long visit!

We arrived at Trinity just after their 11 AM opening time and already were kicking ourselves for having breakfast earlier. There was a pretty awesome Sunday Blood Sunday special going on, which included a Bloody Mary and breakfast. I’m not even a Bloody Mary fan, but they looked really good. I mean, one came with a thick slice of bacon as the garnish. Yum! We passed on the Bloody Mary’s and ordered up some beers: Pliny the Elder for me, and Trinity’s own Double IPA “Slap Yer Mammy” for Jeff. Do I even need to say how amazing these beers were? Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing Company is consistently one of the top rated beers for a reason. It’s nicely hopped and bitter, but still smooth and refreshing, very nicely balanced. I was in heaven. The Slap Yer Mammy was heaven for Jeff, too, with an incredibly aggressive hop aroma and bite, and a pretty hefty 10.5% ABV to boot!

We stayed at Trinity Brewing a lot longer than I care to admit. We had a few more Pliny the Elders, Slap Yer Mammys, and eventually a Soul Horkey Ale. The Soul was a nice earthy tasting brown ale with a bit of a sweet aftertaste. It was the perfect complement to the lunch that we ended up having to order because we’d stayed so long. Trinity’s food was really amazing. We shared some American Kobe beef sliders and some homemade chips and salsa and it was all delicious. I am dying to go back to try the Poutine Frites, which sound amazing but would have killed me after such a big breakfast. Also, we’re both pretty intrigued by the Bacon Cone, which is basically five pieces of bacon served with maple syrup for dipping. Seriously, that is so crazy good sounding I could slap my own mammy.

A little too much to drink maybe? Nah....

Sadly, we did eventually have to leave Trinity and head home before things got too out of control. We will be back, not just to Trinity, but to several of the great new places we visited during our Colorado Springs weekend. We had a lot of fun, met some interesting people and most of all, had some really awesome beers. I can’t wait to do it again!


Footnote: No Mammy’s were actually slapped in the making of this blog entry. Happy Mother’s Day!

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