Sunday Funday in Longmont at Pumphouse Brewery & Left Hand Brewing

After our G’Knight Ride, we spent the night in Longmont. Partially this was because we knew we’d be drinking and wanted to be responsible. But it was also so we could fit in a few more brewery stops before we made the trek back home. It’s a good thing we stayed too because someone left his debit card at the Tasty Weasel last night – DOH! Given that we now had a good excuse to hang around until at least noon (when the Tasty Weasel reopened) we decided to make the best of it. After sleeping in late and enjoying a nice brunch at Lennie’s Southern Café, we were ready for a Sunday Funday in Longmont! 

Pumphouse Brewery & Restaurant

First stop was the Pumphouse Brewery & Restaurant. Located in a cute downtown Longmont, the Pumphouse had a fire station theme that was right up Jeff’s alley. (Fun fact: Jeff loves all things related to firefighting. He turns into a wide-eyed 5-year-old boy whenever a fire truck drives by. It’s adorable!) The theme was nice, not too cutesy or overdone. You would have guessed that the historical building housing the Pumphouse was formerly a brewery, but it never was. Still, it’s a pretty good replica.

We arrived just after 11 a.m. and though the Bloody Mary’s looked good, we were there for the beers. Jeff ordered the Flashpoint IPA, an unfiltered IPA with a smooth taste and nice, foamy head. I had the Red Alert Amber a malty amber that was well balanced and tasty. We enjoyed our beers in the Pumphouse Red Zone, their sports bar. It was pretty nice, with lots of TVs, a full bar and a full menu. If we lived in Longmont, this is for sure where we’d be for the big game – whatever that game may be.

Left Hand Brewing Company

After our pints, we made a quick trip to recover our lost ATM at the Tasty Weasel. No beers were consumed there this time because we had a date with one more great Longmont brewery: Left Hand Brewing Company.

Left Hand is the kind of place that we both loved at first sight. Walking in the door this place was immediately cozy and friendly, full of other Left Hand fans, but not too full to feel crowded. You could experience the history of Left Hand by just walking around and looking at all their great pictures and beer awards. They are proud of their humble beginnings, and that makes us love them even more.

Jeff went right for the 400 Pound Monkey IPA. I could hardly blame him, I would have ordered that just for the name alone. It was a very tasty English-style IPA, nicely balanced and not too crazy hoppy. Knowing I wanted to try more than one beer I decided on the Sampler Tray, which was a bargain at 4 for $4. For my samples, I chose the Sawtooth Ale, Good Juju Cask Ale, Stranger Pale Ale, and the Wake Up Dead Russian Imperial Stout. All of my beers were wonderful, but my favorite was Good Juju. I was already a big fan of this seasonal beer when they released it last year, and the cask conditioned version was amazing. The Sawtooth was probably my next favorite, though it was a pretty close call since they were all tasty. I really wish I’d also tried the Nitro Milk Stout, but by the end of my sampler, I was about at my beer capacity for the weekend. Yes, even us Bottle Makes Three folks have our limits, unfortunately.

We had so many great beers during our time in Longmont, but we know we just scratched the surface of what is available. We need to visit our friends up north more often and stay a bit longer so we can really explore the beer scene.

Thanks for your hospitality, Longmont. We’ll see you again soon. Cheers!