If Virginia is for Lovers, then Denver is for Drinkers

TGIF, Fellow Denverites

This was the kind of week that felt so long when work ended on Friday we were ready to get drinks in our bellies as quickly as possible! Wanting a good, cold, craft beer, we decided to find the nearest brewery to our offices in downtown Denver. Fortunately, with so many great Denver breweries we were able to have happy hour at two: Denver Beer Co and Hogshead Brewery.

First Stop: Denver Beer Company

We’ve been to Denver Beer Co a few times prior to launching this blog, so we already know that the place can be packed just about all the time. Not only is it packed, but it’s packed with people way younger and hipper than we are as if that’s possible! It’s a trendy spot for sure. We were fortunate to snag a table inside, and luckier still when they rolled up those big glass doors to let the outside in and give us a front row seat to the patio. Ahhh… a little fresh air and a few beers were just what we needed and we finally started to feel the work week slip away…

I enjoyed a few Confluence Pale Ales, probably my favorite of the Denver Beer Co lineup. It’s a slightly bitter pale ale, not too hoppy but not too wimpy either. It was delightful. Jeff had the Olympic inspired UPA! UPA! UPA! IPA. I love that name, and we laughed as we heard multiple people mispronouncing it —“Yes, I’ll have the uppah uppah uppah.” Ha! As entertaining as the name is, the beer was even better.

Next Stop: Hogshead Brewery

After finally winding down at Denver Beer Co, we decided to try one more nearby brewery, Hogshead Brewery. Hogshead opened just a few months ago in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver. In contrast to Denver Beer Co, this feels much more like a neighborhood hangout than a popular downtown bar. In fact, there were at least four times as many people inside as cars in the parking lot, because almost everyone there had arrived on foot or bike.

Hogshead Brewery is small, but as we’ve proven, again and again, the size of the place doesn’t matter. The beers Hogshead is brewing are amazing. Their focus is on traditional British ales, and they make them very well. We both started with the Lake Lightening summer ale. I had the traditional version, while Jeff had the dry hopped cask conditioned brew. You could really taste the difference. Jeff’s definitely had more of a hoppy finish especially in the nose, but even the standard brew was great.

We finished with their Boys Bitter cask-conditioned beer, which was out of this world. It had a malty sweetness but with a bitter finish that was a bit hit with us both. These beers were so good that we began to wonder how much the houses just across the street cost. Yep, it was that good.

Oh, beer. Thanks for helping to erase the work week and put us in weekend mode. We owe you one, yet again.