AHA Rally at Oskar Blues

When we heard that there was going to be an American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Rally at Oskar Blues in Longmont, we wasted no time RSVP’ing! Last summer I attended the AHA Rally at Wynkoop Brewing, and it was a blast, but Jeff was out-of-town and totally missed out. This time, we were both going to be there to mingle with other homebrewers, sample some unique brews and visit one of our favorite brewery taprooms, the Tasty Weasel.

The AHA Rally at Oskar Blues Brewery

Clearly, the most important item on our agenda was to try some amazing Oskar Blues beers. We already know and love most of the standard OB lineup, but the AHA Rally gave us an opportunity to try several one-offs tapped especially for this event. Some of the one-offs we were lucky enough to try were the British G’Knight, the Whiskey Fidy Nitro, One Nut Brown, and my favorite, the Chicory Chub. That Chicory Chub was amazing! I had far too many tastes to get really specific on the flavor notes, but just trust me that it was good. There was also a firkin of Dale’s Pale Ale that was cask conditioned and fresh hopped with Simcoe hops, which Jeff loved. It had such a nice citrus flavor and great hop aroma – yum! The One Nut Brown was also very good, and is perhaps the maltiest smelling beer I’ve ever had… which is a compliment from me since I really love malty beers! Finally, the Whiskey Fidy had a strong whiskey flavor up front that made for a great sipping beer. We did miss out on trying the Cherry Chaka, which everyone was so excited to try that apparently they ran out before we made it up for a taste. We were far from disappointed though, with so many other great OB beers to try.

In addition to beer drinking, we got to chat with other homebrews to swap homebrew horror stories and get some advice on making the big switch from extract to all-grain. There were lots of drawings for AHA prizes, and a raffle to brew your own homebrew recipe at Oskar Blues. We didn’t win anything! Still, we had lots of fun, several pints of beers, and stocked up on some OB gear. One of the really unique things offered at the event was Mobile Canning, allowing you to can your homebrew for 50-cents per 16-ounce can. We didn’t have any beer ready for canning, but it was still sure fun to watch!

We took a tour of the brewery given by one of the OB brewers, Kevin. We just toured the place last March, and at the time we were amazed how much it had grown since our first visit a year prior. Well, they just keep on growing at OB, because they’ve added even more heavy equipment since last time. It’s great to see one of our favorites getting the success they deserve.

Towards the end of the rally, we boarded the somewhat sketchy (but totally fun!) Oskar Blues bus for a quick ride to Homemade Liquids and Solids for a bite to eat before the long ride home. As usual, the food at Homemade Liquids and Solids was totally delish!

Overall, it was another fun rally. Thanks, AHA and Oskar Blues!