Bald Mountain and Twisted Pine

So if there is one downfall to drinking a lot of good craft beer, it has to be the little extra poundage it can add to your midsection if you’re not careful. Yep, the good old beer belly. It’s a never-ending battle to be able to consume lots of yummy craft beers, without causing too much damage on the scale. This is why when we planned a little brewery excursion to Boulder on Sunday, July 7th, we decided to hike at least as much as we drank. So a great hike at Bald Mountain was followed by craft beers at Twisted Pine Brewing Company. It was the perfect day!

A shot of beautiful Boulder, while hiking up to the summit of the Bald Mountain Scenic Area.
A shot of beautiful Boulder, while hiking up to the summit of the Bald Mountain Scenic Area.

Hiking and Drinking in Boulder

We started the day by hiking up to the summit at the Bald Mountain Scenic Area. With a 1.5 mile loop, this wasn’t exactly the longest hike in the book, but there is a decent amount of ascent to climb to get to the summit, especially if you’re out of shape like us. Then there was the fact that we arrived at the hottest part of the day thanks to poor planning and a late start. Between the physical exertion and the blazing sun, Bald Mountain pretty much kicked our asses. It made us good and thirsty for our first brewery stop of the day, Twisted Pine Brewing Co.

Twisted Pine Brewing

Twisting Pine Brewing Company

From the moment we walked in, we both instantly loved Twisted Pine. They offered a kick-ass patio on the outside, a welcoming, friendly group of people on the inside, plus they had a cold beer and we were hot and thirsty! With a nice variety of beers on the wall, we decided on a small taster flight. We sampled the Blonde, Billy’s Chilies, American Amber, Hoppy Boy, and the Honey Brown. In all honesty, there wasn’t a bad beer in the bunch. We both agreed we could down many pints of all of them! I really loved Billy’s Chilies beer. There is just something about the heat that I really love! Still, when it came time to order a pint I went with the American Amber, which was deliciously malty and really hit the spot. It’s not surprising Jeff loved the Hoppy Boy and ordered more. Twisted Pine also has a food menu featuring some really delicious looking pizzas, but we were just there for drinks.

One beer we didn’t sample was the Ghost Face Killah. Ghost Face Killah is infused with 6 peppers – Anaheim, Fresno, Jalapeno, Serrano, Habanero and of course, Ghost Peppers. Ghost Peppers, aka Bhut Jolokia, is the hottest pepper in the world, 200 times the heat of jalapeno peppers. This gives the Ghost Face Killah beer a seriously killer heat. If that doesn’t sound terrifying to you, then maybe you could take part in Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Challenge. All you have to do is finish a 10” Pizza topped with ghost peppers plus one pint of Ghost Face Killah in under 3 minutes. Easy peasy, no? Plus if you win the meal is free, you get a t-shirt to commemorate your accomplishment, and your picture goes on the wall of winners for all to bask in your glory. Of course, if you fail to beat the peppers or the clock, you pay for your food and get a picture on the wall of FAIL so that everyone can point and laugh at you. While we were there a young man named Travis decided to give this challenge a go. It came down to the last seconds, but Travis came out a winner…. though, I wonder if he really felt like celebrating later that evening?

Twisted Pine was awesome. We haven’t been to every brewery in Boulder just yet, but enough to say that so far, Twisted Pine is the best of the bunch. Both their beer and atmosphere were just amazing. Next time we’ll skip the hike, get comfy on the patio, and stay to listen to some of their awesome Sunday afternoon live music. We may even grab a pizza, but hold the Ghost Peppers, mmmkay?

More about our Boulder trip in our next post. Until then, enjoy this feisty, fighting octopus from the Twisted Pines ladies room…