FATE Brewing and Boulder Sunsets = Awesome

We recently spent a sunny Sunday afternoon in Boulder, hiking and drinking, drinking and hiking.  We wrote about our hike up Bald Mountain and our beers at Twisted Pine in our last post.  Next up was a visit to another Boulder brewery, FATE Brewing Company.

Fate Brewing

FATE Brewing Company

Although FATE Brewing is only a short distance from Twisted Pine, the places were like night and day.  Where Twisted Pine was mountain casual, FATE was definitely more modern, in their decor and their menu.  FATE Brewing’s goal is to provide chef-inspired, crave-able innovative comfort food and craft beers, so we were eager to try some beers and get a bite to eat.  Because FATE seemed a bit nicer than your typical brewpub, we were felt a bit under-dressed in our hiking clothes.  As if we didn’t feel scummy enough we ran into friends at FATE who came for a drink before a show at the Boulder Dinner Theater.  They were all dolled up; we, clearly, were not.  Fortunately, it was Boulder — which is made up of equal parts outdoor enthusiasts and hippies — so nobody really cared or noticed how we looked.

At FATE Brewing I had the Watermelon Kolsch-Style Ale.  The Watermelon Kolsch tasted just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher!   The sweetness took me off guard with my first sip, but a few more sips in and I really enjoyed the flavor.   Jeff didn’t like it at all but was plenty happy with the Fate IPAs – both the Imperial IPA and the Black IPA were very good.    Do you know what else was good?   The food!  We needed a little nosh so we shared some sticky ribs and a bowl of pasta salad.  YUM!  Both dishes were so delicious, we look forward to coming back for a real meal sometime.

After FATE we decided to take one more quick hike.  We parked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and started on the Walter Orr Roberts Nature Trail, then connected down to the Mesa Trail.  The sun was setting, the weather had cooled a bit, and the views were outstanding.  We could have hiked for hours — if the beer didn’t kick in making us have to pee.   We held it as long as humanly possible and enjoyed our sunset hike immensely, but when you have to go… you have to GO.  So, away we went.  But we’ll be back, Boulder.  You betcha.  We still have more breweries to visit and more trails to hike.  We’ll be back soon, because how could we stay away from these views?

Boulder Sunset Hike

Until next time Boulder,