Grand Opening of Comrade Brewing Company

It was around 7:30 pm on opening day when I ran into David Lin cleaning what appeared to be vomit out of one of the urinals at Comrade Brewing Company.  It was a nasty job, but Lin seemed fairly unphased.  After all, he had opened Comrade Brewing to the public earlier that same day, and if the steady crowds were any indication, the grand opening was a smashing success.  Clearly, it would take more than just a little puke to sully such a great day.

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We arrived at Comrade Brewing Company late in the afternoon after the doors opened and the place was packed.  Fortunately, the space is large enough to accommodate this opening day crowd.  It was a beautiful afternoon and the several of the roll doors were up to let in the fresh air and sunshine. There was a bluegrass trio playing in the corner and a food truck, Wikipita, on-site to keep the customers from getting hungry.  It was a fun, party atmosphere and everyone was having a great time.

Comrade Brewing Company's Yellow Card Blonde
Comrade Brewing Company’s Yellow Card Blonde

Comrade Brewing Company opened with six beers on tap, though the presence of a lot more tap handles seem to indicate they expect to have many more options in the future.  Four were “Rank and File” standards to be offered year-round: No Tone Blonde Ale (aka Yellow Card Blonde Ale, depending on whether you looked at the printed menus or the bar), DEFCON Irish Red Ale, Koffee Kreme Milk Stout, and Superpower IPA.  The other two were “Visiting Brass” or more seasonal offerings, including the Enhanced Interrogation Pale Ale, and Comrade Kirk McHale’s “Crotch Grabber” Cascadian Dark Ale, made in collaboration with Kirk McHale of Thai Me Up Restaurant/Melvin Brewing in Wyoming.

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We had a sampler of all six beers, and while all were good we did have some favorites.  Mine was the Superpower IPA.  It was a big, aggressive IPA with lots of hops and a pretty big 7.9% ABV.  Chris preferred the Yellow Card Blonde, which was light, refreshing and easy drinking.  We also both loved the Koffee Kreme coffee milk stout, made with coffee from Kaladi Coffee Roasters.  It was rich, creamy, slightly sweet and absolutely delicious.

Comrade has certainly embraced the Communist theme, but don’t get your panties all in a wad because while their t-shirts may say “Join the Party,” it’s all in good fun.  Their 15 barrel brewhouse is all sourced from the good old USA, and what appears to be a sickle and hammer inspired logo is, upon closer inspection, made of hops, wheat, and yeast.  Besides, the real focus of the name Comrade is meant to be on Camaraderie, which Comrade Brewing hopes will mean a lot more collaboration beers in their future.

After wasting the better part of the day drinking beers and enjoying the music at Comrade Brewing Company, we can say for certain that we’ll be returning soon.  The staff, location and the beers were all fantastic.  We can’t wait to see what Comrade Brewing has in store next.

Drop by and visit Comrade Brewing Company at 7667 E. Iliff Avenue in Denver.  Just know your limits man.  No puking in the urinal, k?