Drunk and Disorderly in Las Vegas

Thanks to Frontier Airlines and their rock-bottom, no-frills prices, we took another trip to Las Vegas this week.  It was an inexpensive spur of the moment trip that came at just the right time, getting us out of the daily rainstorms in Colorado and into the blazing hot sun of Nevada.  It was fabulous to spend days at the pool and nights knocking back drinks at the craps table.  After three days of excessive drinking, eating and walking we were broke, tired, and definitely ready to get home.  In other words, it was a typical Vegas vacation.

Welcome to Vegas

Finding Beer in Las Vegas

Whenever we visit Sin City we typically stick to cocktails, which are plentiful and easy to find on the strip.  As of our last visit, the craft beer trend wasn’t exactly huge in Vegas.  There were a few spots that offer some great beer selections, but they tended to be few and far between.   That is until this trip when we noticed that the trend towards better beer has apparently finally made it to Las Vegas.  We were able to try several beers that are hard or impossible to find in Colorado, which was a nice surprise.

The Pub at Monte Carlo

We stayed at Monte Carlo, and The Pub at Monte Carlo has been a great spot for craft beer for years.  They have a huge beer selection which includes many great U.S. craft breweries and great beers from around the world, most of which are on tap.  Of course, we stopped here for a few pints during happy hour.  Here, we had a HopBox Imperial IPA from Joseph James Brewing, which was a big, bitter beer of 9.3% ABV and 90 IBUs.   We also enjoyed the Coronado Brewing Company Mermaid’s Red, a deliciously hoppy American Amber.

Los Muertos Brewing at TAG

In addition to The Pub, we found some great craft selections at the TAG Lounge and Sports Bar at the LINQ Hotel & Casino. This brand new bar offers an amazing selection of bottled beers and craft bombers, in addition to high-tech games such as hologram blackjack, touch-screen computer tables, and automated roulette and craps.  They even offered self-serve tap tables, where you can pour your own craft beers by setting up a pre-set tab and paying per ounce for the variety of beers at the table.  If you wanted an extra kick they could also mix you up one of several beer cocktails.  We loved TAG and you could frequently find us drinking and gaming here during this trip.   It was at TAG that we finally got to try some Day of the Dead beer from Puerto Vallarta’s craft brewery, Los Muertos Brewing.  Their Death Rides a Pale Horse blonde ale was delicious, offering a great hop flavor in a smooth and easy-drinking blonde.  The bottle was pretty cool, too.

TAG Draft Tables

Perhaps due to the opening of the new Brooklyn Bowl in the Linq entertainment district, beers from the Brooklyn Brewery were plentiful on the strip.  We found Brooklyn Brewing on tap at several bars and restaurants, plus a great selection of their bottles at the TAG bar.  We were able to enjoy their Pale Ale, their Lager and their Summer seasonal ale.  All the Brooklyn Beers were great.  We didn’t get the opportunity to experience any of the great food, music or bowling at the Brooklyn Bowl, nor did we ride the High Roller Wheel at the LINQ this time around (though it does look fun!) Whatever, we did have several Brooklyn Brewing beers, so that was something.

Brooklyn Brewing beers

While the craft beers of our trip were great and memorable, we also had more than our fair share of margaritas.  Maybe it was the Vegas sun and the 100-plus degree weather, but the margaritas really hit the spot.  From Margaritaville to Cabo Wabo to the Border Grill, when we weren’t having a craft beer were enjoying some delicious margaritas.

Overall, we had a terrific time in Las Vegas.   We didn’t see any shows or have any fancy dinners, and now that we look back on it we can’t say we did much at all.  We drank, relaxed, recharged, handed Vegas a good deal of our money and then came home.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  Did I mention we’re calling Jeff “the doctor” now?  Well we are, and this trip that he prescribed was perfect, at least from what we can remember.  Best of all we came home with plenty of stupid, silly pictures of our shenanigans, and isn’t that the best souvenir of all?  I hope you think so, because we didn’t bring you back a souvenir.  Sorry.

We’ll be back soon, Las Vegas.  Better start restocking those bars now, because once our livers fully recover IT IS ON.