The Bruery debuts their new brand, Bruery Terreux

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) makes Denver the epicenter of all things craft beer for several days leading up to the actual event. There’s never a lack of fun events to attend during GABF week, and this year was no exception. On October 1st we attended the launch party for Bruery Terreux, a new brand being introduced by The Bruery. Bruery Terreux (which translates to “Earthy Brewery”) will focus exclusively on wild farmhouse ales and oak-aged sours, and this public launch party at Denver’s Cart Driver restaurant gave us the opportunity to learn more the Brewery Terreux while we enjoyed several of their sour beers.

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About Bruery Terreux

If you’re a craft beer lover, you’re likely already familiar with The Bruery. If you haven’t heard of this California brewery and you love great craft beer, then you’re really missing out. Founded by Patrick Rue nearly 7 years ago, The Bruery has never focused on mass-market appeal, choosing instead to devote themselves to cultivating ales with character; beers that are meant to be enjoyed, not just imbibed. The Bruery Terreux brand will concentrate on the funky, wild and sour ales previously brewed by The Bruery, allowing for even more experimentation in these styles.

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This launch is more than just a marketing move, as all fermentation, barrel aging, and packaging of these wild and sour ales will move to the Bruery Terreux barrel house in Anaheim by 2015. Perhaps you remember that we visited this barrelhouse during our Beer Bloggers Conference trip in August? The barrelhouse was a sight to behold, with 1000+ barrels stacked wall-to-ceiling, while they aged up to a year or even longer. With the launch of Brewery Terreux, they are expanding this space to accommodate the fermentation and packaging, and eventually a Bruery Terreux tap room. The move will help prevent the wild yeasts used by Bruery Terreux from cross-contaminating The Bruery’s other non-wild ales and will allow The Bruery brand to focus exclusively on other non-wild styles and ales aged in spirit barrels.

During the Bruery Terreux launch party, we were able to sample five sours: Oude Tart, Saison Rue, Hottenroth, Atomic Kangarue, and Sans Pagaie. It was a wonderful mixture of ales that spanned the wild and sour spectrum, all of which were outstanding. Our favorite was the Oude Tart, a deliciously tart sour red ale. The Bruery Terreux beers were brilliantly paired with small bites, such as mozzarella peach pizza and prosciutto pâté, created by Chef Kelly Whitaker and his staff at Cart Driver. The food was incredible, and we’ll be sure to visit Cart Driver again – soon – for a proper dinner.

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Meeting Patrick Rue, Founder and CEO of The Bruery

Learn More

To learn more about Bruery Terreux, visit their website at

To learn more about Cart Driver, you can visit them at 2500 Larimer St #100, Denver CO 80205, or online at 


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