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11 Awesome Gifts for Homebrewers

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We hope you enjoyed our post earlier in the week, 21 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers. If you have a homebrewer (or homebrewer wanna-be) on your shopping list this year, today we bring you 11 more ideas perfect for the homebrewer. It’s not too late to order these for the holidays, but act fast! Play your cards right and you will find something your homebrewer will swoon over, and they’ll be so thankful that they’ll reward you with lots of beer in the new year. Win/Win!

Chris and I got started homebrewing because she wanted a Mr. Beer for her birthday a few years ago. After one batch, we were both hooked. We quickly moved on to a full 5-gallon system, and after a lot of batches (good and bad) we’re finally taking the plunge into all-grain brewing. As a hobby it can be addictive, so be warned. In the craziest of cases it can even inspire you to start visiting lots of local breweries and eventually start-up your own beer blog – you just never know. But on the upside, you’ve got the beer. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

So sit back, grab a beer (preferably a homebrew) and let’s do some shopping with our list of 11 Awesome Gifts for Homebrewers:

Gifts for Homebrewers

If you’re lucky enough to have a homebrewer in your family, then you know that you will never wonder what to buy that person ever again. There are so many great products available for homebrewers, from the basic brewing kit all the way up to semi-professional equipment to help them further improve and experiment with their batches of brew. These ideas are for the novice and expert alike.

  1. For someone who has just started brewing, or maybe just started to think they may like brewing, we love the Beer Making Kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop. Because their kits make 1-gallon batches, they can easily be done with little equipment in any kitchen. Plus, they are all-grain, and their Everyday IPA was one of the most complimented beers we’ve ever made.
  2. If your homebrewer has already made a few small batches and is ready for big time, you can pick up a 5 gallon kit at any good homebrew shop, such as this Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit from Northern Brewer. Basically a brewery in a box, this kit comes with all they need to ferment, secondary, sanitize, bottle and even comes with a DVD to help them get started. If you get them this, maybe they’ll be repaying you in the new year with lots of great homebrewed beer!
  3. Whether you’re a novice or expert homebrewer, The Homebrew Journal can help you record all your brewing activities from brew day right through to bottling. When you make that perfect batch, this book will give you all the details so you can do it again.
  4. Speaking of books, if your homebrewer (or wannabe) doesn’t have Charlie Papazian’s Complete Joy of Homebrewing in their library, get it now. Whether you are just starting or have masted the craft, this book is a great resource and can help you improve your skills or solve brewing-day problems. If nothing else, it’s a great reminder to “Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew.” If they have that book, check out Charlie’s other books:  The Homebrewers Companion and Homebrewers Gold.
  5. For a more advanced brewer, the FastFerment Conical Fermenter will allow the homebrewer to primary and secondary in the same container, with no transfers and less sediment, just like the pros. You can even harvest your yeast for use in another batch. We haven’t tried it, but it sure looks cool!
  1. Who would want an empty old whiskey barrel? Homebrewers, that’s who! Get your homebrewer an 8-gallon Whiskey Soaked American Oak Barrel from Woodinville Whiskey and they can barrel-age their own beer like a pro, albeit on a much more reasonable scale.
  2. Once your homebrewer is making pretty good brews, they may want to kick them up a notch by infusing some hops or other ingredients. Get them this Hop Randall and they can get creative, not only with hops but with ingredients such as cocoa nibs, fruits or spices, the options are endless. Or just fill it with fresh leaf hops for an intense hop flavor and aroma.
  3. If the homebrewer you’re shopping for isn’t quite Randall-ready but wants to infuse some flavor into their beer, start them out with a French Press. While it may be intended for coffee, you can infuse your beer using this contraption, one pint at a time. Again this can be used for hops, or other items to help you find a delicious, fresh flavor that compliments your brew.
  4. Designed for the craft beer lover who also home brews, Craft Beer for the Homebrewer: Receipes from America’s Top Brewmasters provides dozens of recipes created by craft brewers, but designed for the homebrewer to make in their own kitchen, garage, or patio. Each recipe is provided in it’s extract or all-grain format, and is accompanied by full color photos, instructions, and anecdotal notes from the brewery.
  5. If someone special has been really good this year, and you want to knock it out of the park, you can always go with a kegerator. Keeping a keg of their own homebrew on tap would be a dream come true, or totally dangerous and irresponsible depending on how you look at it. We like to say it would be a good thing! has lots of options available, and if you act fast you can still get Christmas delivery with free shipping.

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  1. Still stumped? Don’t overthink it – just get them a gift certificate to a great local homebrew shop. We’re big fans of The Brew Hut, where we got our first homebrewing setup and where we still go for helpful advice and new stuff. We’re also big fans of our neighborhood Castle Rock Homebrew Supply store. If you’re not in this area we’re sure you have a helpful homebrew shop near you. Your other option is to get a gift card for an online brew shop, like Midwest Supplies. If you’ve really messed up and waited until the last-minute, Midwest Supplies can even email the gift card and save the day. Hooray!

We hope that if you have a homebrewer on your shopping list these ideas helped you come up with something cool and creative for them. If you are still looking for the perfect beer gift and you missed our last post, 21 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers, go check it out. Or come back Monday when we’ll have our last in our 3 part gift-giving series which will feature Colorado Craft Beer gifts.

Happy Holidays, and Cheers!

Jeff & Chris

Again, we want to point out we did not get any reimbursement, in cash or products, for our recommendations in these posts. We’re beer geeks too, and these are just products we love or want for ourselves. So go buy them already, and get something fun for yourself while you’re at it.