Factotum Brewhouse Offers Denver Homebrewers a Unique Big Brew Opportunity

It’s Friday, so you know that means another brewery is open in Denver. For the past few weeks, we have been blessed with a few new openings, including Ratio Beerworks and Goldspot Brewing. It’s enough to make you wonder if anyone can bring anything new & unique to the beer market any more. Well, we’re here to tell you that they can, and Factotum Brewhouse has just opened with a unique and exciting business model.

About Factotum Brewhouse

Yesterday siblings Laura and Chris Bruns celebrated the grand opening of their new brewery, Factotum Brewhouse, located in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver. Factotum Brewhouse stands apart from other Denver breweries by being homebrewer focused. They offer homebrewers the opportunity to brew their beer on the Factotum 7-barrel system, and the completed brew is sold to the public in the Factotum taproom.

How does it work?

Homebrewers of all abilities can reach out to the Factotum Brewhouse to create a recipe. Proficient homebrewers can use the Factotum equipment to perfect their batches on a large-scale, while rookie brewers can treat themselves to a brew day on a professional system, with expert help and guidance from the Factotum team. It all starts with a consultation with the Factotum brew team to decide on the style and recipe. Once the details are approved a brew day is scheduled to make your beer. When the beer is ready, you and the rest of the world can come to taste your creation on tap in the Factotum taproom.

What do you get when you sign-up for a brew session at Factotum?

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The price for a brewing session is currently $395, which includes your initial consultation, your brew session with expert guidance, brunch or lunch on brew day, plus various other discounts and schwag. The cost also covers the ingredients to brew your beer, assuming they aren’t too rare or expensive, in which case the additional cost will be negotiated during the consultation. Homebrewers will also get a credit to use in the taproom, or can take home a keg or two of the finished product.


For their grand opening, Factotum Brewhouse will offer a dry Irish Stout, Juniper Pale Ale, Black IPA, a Peach Cobbler Cream Ale, and possibly others. They expect the majority of their taps to continue to be beers made by homebrewers, with one or two made by Chris. Brewers are already lined up to take advantage of the opportunity to brew at Factotum, so there should always be a good variety on tap.  Because they don’t want too many of the same type of beer on tap at the same time, they work with their homebrewers to provide a variety of styles and putting folks on a waitlist if needed to ensure there isn’t too much of any particular style at one time.

For more information about Factotum Brewhouse, or to learn more about scheduling your own brew day, visit them online. You can also stay updated with their ever-changing beer lineup and taphouse events by following them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Pay Factotum Brewhouse a Visit

The Factotum Brewhouse taproom is open Thursday from 4 pm-10 pm, Friday from 3 pm-10 pm and Saturday from Noon-10pm.

Factotum Brewhouse
3845 Lipan Street
Denver CO 80211