Our Visit to Eddyline Restaurant & Brewery

We’re still playing catch-up and bringing you some long overdue brewery reviews from last year on #ThrowbackThursday. Last Thursday we brought you part one of our road trip from Durango that took us through Poncha Springs and Buena Vista. In that post, we reviewed Elevation Beer Co in Poncha Springs. Today the road trip continues to Buena Vista, home of Eddyline Restaurant & Brewery… so let’s get to it!

Eddyline Restaurant

We were only in Buena Vista for about 5 minutes before we both declared we wanted to move to this charming and beautiful little town. It’s easy to understand how the city got its name, as Buena Vista is Spanish for “beautiful view.” This city is surrounded by some of the most exquisite scenery in Colorado. Upon arrival, we wandered around this lovely park along the water and we just loved the city. Buena Vista, indeed.

Then we saw them, several large bucks just hanging out in the neighborhood, wandering through the yards, no big deal We knew then and there that we could live in Buena Vista.

Eddyline 09072014 (25)

Before we went home and packed we decided to check out Eddyline Brewing. Eddyline has two locations in Buena Vista, a restaurant and a brewery. We didn’t immediately know this, so we were a bit confused when we arrived at the Eddyline Restaurant and didn’t see any brewery equipment. The bartender cleared things up for us: The Eddyline restaurant came first back in 2009. They brewed on a 3 barrel system at the restaurant until the demand for their beer made them find a bigger space, hence the separate brewery. The current brewery has expanded several times to keep up with demand, and after their current expansion, they’ll be able to brew 50,000 barrels a year.

We decided to stay for a couple of pints and a snack of chips and house-made salsa. I had the River Runners Pale Ale, a delicious pale that was a 2012 GABF gold medal winner. Jeff had the Crank Yanker IPA. Both were delicious, as was that fresh salsa. We would have stayed for more, but we decided to move on to check out the brewery.

Eddyline Brewery & Taproom

The Eddyline Brewing brewery and taproom is just across town and is much more casual. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we were sad to see the patio was closed due to their expansion & some remodeling, so we took our seats at the bar. The taproom is small and quaint, and we were surprised that there were not as many Eddyline beers on tap here as they had at the restaurant. It didn’t matter though, we were starting to feel full and bloated from all the beer sampling, so we both ordered their lightest offering: the Boater Beer Pilsner. It was a pretty average pilsner, good but not remarkable. Then again, maybe that was just us, because we were pretty much done.

Eddyline 09072014 (7)

Overall, we both liked the restaurant a bit more than the brewery, but that could have been because we were tired, full and just a little cranky by the final stop. We’d really like to give the brewery another chance after their expansion. Maybe when we move to Buena Vista we can become regulars at both. You never know…

About Eddyline Restaurant & Brewery

Eddyline makes beers for any adventure, and food for any appetite. They sell their beers in cans so that you can take them with you for your own outdoor adventures.

Eddyline Restaurant
926 S Main
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Eddyline Brewery & Taproom
102 Linderman Ave
Buena Vista, CO 81211

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Look closely. Yes, that is a deer chilling beside the house. Man, we love Buena Vista.