Boulder Strong Ale Fest Sneek Peek

This Saturday Avery Brewing Company will be hosting the 13th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest. This beer festival celebrates the biggest and baddest (in a good way) beers from around the country. Beers served at this festival all have an ABV of 8% or higher, and according to the festival description, each beer must “represent something very special from the heart and soul of its creator.” As you can imagine this is a popular beer fest, not for the faint of heart or weak of palate, and one not to miss.

As it does every year, the festival has already sold out. If you’re one of the lucky ones who snagged a ticket early, Avery has released a sneak peek at some of the beers you’ll have the opportunity to choose from on Saturday. And by some, we mean over a hundred, with more beers still being added. Here’s what they have on the agenda so far:

13th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest Beer List (so far)

1 Avery Brewing: The Beast 2006
2 Avery Brewing: The Beast 2014
3 Avery Brewing: The Czar 2008
4 Avery Brewing: Double Dry-Hopped Maharaja
5 Avery Brewing: Hog Heaven
6 Avery Brewing: Ian McKellen
7 Avery Brewing: La Starya
8 Avery Brewing: Mephistopheles’ Stout
9 Avery Brewing: Pump[KY]n
10 Avery Brewing: Salvation
11 Avery Brewing: The Reverend
12 Avery Brewing: Uncle Jacob’s Stout
13 Avery/Russian: River Collaboration Not Litigation
14 Ballast Point Brewing: Dorado
15 Ballast Point Brewing: Tongue Buckler
16 Ballast Point Brewing: Victory At Sea
17 Big Choice Brewing: Big DIPA
18 Big Choice Brewing: Caribbean Imperial Stout
19 Bootstrap Brewing: Nutstrap
20 Boulder Beer: A Honey of a Saison
21 Boulder Beer: Vintage 2010 Killer Penguin Barleywine
22 Boulevard Brewing: The Calling IPA
23 City Star Brewing: Dead or Alive
24 City Star Brewing: Widow Maker
25 Comrade Brewing: Man Oar-Board Scotch Ale
26 Comrade Brewing: Quit Stalin Russian Imperial Stout
27 Comrade Brewing/Crooked Stave: Dialectic Materialism
28 COOP Ale Works: Alpa Hive Double IPA
29 COOP Ale Works: Territorial Reserve 2013 Rye Wine
30 COOP Ale Works: Territorial Reserve Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imp Stout
31 Copper Kettle Brewing: Charlie’s Golden Strong
32 Copper Kettle Brewing: Snowed In
33 Deschutes Brewery 2014: The Abyss
34 Deschutes Brewery: Black Butte XXVI
35 Diebolt Brewing: C’est La Saison – Tequila
36 Diebolt Brewing: Magdalena Double American Pale Ale
37 Dry Dock Brewing: Bligh’s Barleywine Ale 2014
38 Dry Dock Brewing: Whisky Barrel Aged Double Coee Porter
39 Elevation Beer: Apis IV
40 Elevation Beer: False Summit
41 Epic Brewing: Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout
42 Epic Brewing: Smoked & Oaked Belgian Style Ale
43 FATE Brewing: Imperial Moirai IPA
44 FATE Brewing: Imperial Parcae Belgian Pale Ale
45 FATE Brewing: Imperial Sudice American Stout
46 Firestone Walker: Brewing Double Jack
47 Firestone Walker: Brewing Velvet Merkin
48 Great Divide Brewing: Barrel-Aged Old Ruan
49 Great Divide Brewing: Barrel-Aged Yeti
50 Great Divide Brewing: Peach Grand Cru
51 Grimm Brothers Brewhouse: Anything For Love
52 Grimm Brothers Brewhouse: The Countess
53 Grimm Brothers Brewhouse: The Wooden Path
54 Gravity Brewing: Barrel-Aged Mendacious
55 Gravity Brewing: Bourbon Barrel Aged Acceleration
56 Gravity Brewing: Tsar Bomba Russian Imperial Stout
57 Goose Island Beer: 2014 Bourbon County Stout
58 Horse & Dragon Brewing: FMR Double Red IPA
59 Horse & Dragon Brewing: Rum Barrel Aged Coconut Porter
60 Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery: Barrel-Aged First Descent
61 Left Hand Brewing: Fade to Black
62 Liquid Mechanics Brewing: Belgian IPA
63 Liquid Mechanics Brewing: Imperial Porter
64 Liquid Mechanics/Grimm Brothers: Wee Rauchy
65 Mockery Brewing: Micheal Duble
66 New Belgium Brewing: Blackberry Barley Wine
67 New Belgium Brewing: Cocoa Mole
68 North Coast Brewing: Brother elonius
69 North Coast Brewing: Old Stock
70 North Coast Brewing: Old Rasputin Nitro Russian Imperial Stout
71 Odell Brewing: Lugene
72 Odell Brewing: Tree Shaker
73 Ommegang: Tripel Perfection
74 Oskar Blues Brewery: Good Game
75 Oskar Blues Brewery: OBliterator
76 Oskar Blues/Brewdog: Shipwrecker Circus
77 Pizza Port Brewing: In Bloom
78 Pizza Port Brewing: Troll Penthouse
79 Port Brewing: Older Viscocity
80 Powder Keg Brewing: Moonlit Shadows
81 Powder Keg Brewing: Pride of Palisade
82 Redstone Meadery: Sunny June
83 Redstone Meadery/West Flanders: Trippel Hops
84 River North Brewery: Anniversary Ale #3
85 River North Brewery: Barrel-Aged Avarice
86 River North Brewery: Hoppenberg Uncertainty Principle
87 Rockyard Brewing: “Grand Cru” Cab Barrel-Aged American Brett
88 Rockyard Brewing: “Excavator” Dopple Bock
89 Rockyard Brewing: “Leroy” Bier de Garde Dog
90 Sanitas Brewing: Hellcat Barleywine
91 Stone Brewing: Double Bastard
92 Strange Craft Beer: 1000 Barrels Imperial IPA
93 Strange Craft Beer: Le Bruit du Diable Farmhouse Ale
94 Strange Craft Beer: StrageTail IV
95 e Lost Abbey: Track #8
96 Trinity Brewing: You Never Call Me By My Name
97 Twelve Degree Brewing: Cherry Fog Quadrupel
98 Twelve Degree Brewing: Midnight Fog Quadrupel
99 Twisted Pine Brewing: North Star
100 Twisted Pine Brewing: Twisted Triple
101 Twisted Pine Brewing: West Bound Braggot
102 Upslope Brewing: Old Ale
103 Upslope Brewing: Weizenbock
104 Verboten Brewing: Plethora
105 Verboten Brewing: The End
106 Wyknoop Brewing: Punkin Drublic
107 Wyknoop Brewing: Artillery
108 Wyknoop/Ska: Reel Big Stout

Avery Lilikoi Kepolo

About the Boulder Strong Ale Fest

The 13th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest takes place this Saturday, April 4, 2015, from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Avery Brewing Company.

Tickets, while they were available, included a commemorative glass and sixteen pours of some deliciously strong beers.

All proceeds benefit the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

If you missed getting tickets this year, don’t miss out again. Follow Avery Brewing to be notified about next year’s festival, and other great craft beer events:

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