Excellent Beers & Beards Abound at Großen Bart Brewery

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We hope you’re all getting ready for a few days off to relax, recharge, and remember the meaning of this holiday. We certainly are ready for a break from the daily grind! However before we head off to celebrate, we have one more brewery review for you this week. As you may remember, earlier this month we headed north to Longmont to visit a few breweries. Our first stop was 300 Suns Brewing, which we reviewed on Monday. On that same Saturday, after our visit to 300 Suns, we finally made our way over to try some beers at Großen Bart Brewery.

Visiting Longmont’s Großen Bart Brewery

Before we get started, let’s get this out of the way. Großen Bart Brewery is not the easiest name to deal with. We’re not 100% certain that the “ß” symbol will show up correctly on your browser when we post this article. In German, “ß” stands in for the letters “ss”, so you may see the name listed as Großen Bart or Grossen Bart, and both are right. We’re going to use the official name as listed on the website, Großen Bart, although in some instances WordPress seems to revert this to Grossen Bart, so you may see it both ways. If this is too confusing for you, well, I guess we’re sorry. Now go get a beer & get over it. On to the important stuff…

Großen Bart Brewery

In German, “Großen Bart” means “big beard” and no matter when you visit Großen Bart Brewery you’re almost guaranteed to see a big, bushy, amazing beard. Beards are pretty common in brewing and pretty standard around Colorado. After all, most Coloradans like our beards like we like our beer: big, wild, and crazy. So beer and beards pretty much go hand in hand anyhow, but at no place is this truer than Großen Bart Brewery. Fortunately, during our visit Jeff still had a big, fuzzy, face full of hair, so he fit right in. For those of us without facial hair, Großen Bart Brewery has fake mustaches built right into your beer coaster, so you can pretend you’re part of the facial hair club. Or just hold one of their glasses over your mouth to virtually try out any of a number of styles.

Review of Großen Bart Brewery in Longmont, CO | https://www.bottlemakesthree.com

We started our Großen Bart Brewery experience with a Chin Curtain IPA and a Strip Teaser Pale Ale. The Chin Curtain IPA was aggressively hopped, at 109 IBUs. Still, it didn’t taste as bitter as you’d think, rather it was quite an easy drinking beer, with lots of citrus flavors. The Strip Teaser was still nicely hopped but with a more mellow, balanced finish. Both were excellent.

Review of Großen Bart Brewery in Longmont, CO | https://www.bottlemakesthree.com

We only planned on staying at Großen Bart Brewery for a couple of pints, but you know how that goes. Or maybe it’s just us. Regardless, in the time it took to finish those pints we’d started chatting with several regulars, each of which was uncommonly friendly. Before you knew it, we felt like regulars, even though it was our first visit. It seems like everyone at Großen Bart knows everyone else, and if walk in the door it won’t be long until some introduces themselves to you, then to their friends, then before you know it you feel like one of the gang. It was awesome. So we stayed for a few more pints and had a fun, fantastic time.

Jeff stuck to the IPA, but I moved on to the Frida SMaSH Lager. When faced with a menu of beers all named after facial hair styles, Frida’s SMaSH was the one & only Großen Bart beer named for a woman, so the feminist in me sort of had to. Besides, I love everything about Frida Kahlo, so how could I resist a beer made in honor of her famous monobrow and lady-‘stache? It’s impossible to say no to that! I realize it’s always risky picking a beer by the name alone, but fortunately, this beer was great. It was a Single Malt and Single Hop ale, hence the name, SMaSH. It was tropical, delicious and satisfying, just like the lady herself.

Review of Großen Bart Brewery in Longmont, CO | https://www.bottlemakesthree.com
The Frida SMaSH Lager at Großen Bart Brewery

Großen Bart Brewery is definitely a fun place to hang out. Their tasting room space is fairly large and doesn’t offer a whole bunch of frills, but it really doesn’t need any. You’ll find great beers, kick-ass people, and a couple of TVs. There is also an outdoor beer garden if you want to sit outside and drink, and often a food truck if you need to eat. What more do you need really?

We hope you go visit Großen Bart Brewery and let us know what you think. Just be warned, exposure to all the awesome beards and ‘staches may cause fellas to throw out their razors & let their freaky facial hair flow.

Review of Großen Bart Brewery in Longmont, CO | https://www.bottlemakesthree.com

About Großen Bart Brewery

Großen Bart Brewery is a joint partnership between Shad Chancey and Taylor Wise established in July of 2012. Visit them in person or online using the links below:

Großen Bart Brewery
1025 Delaware Ave
Longmont, CO 80501

Großen Bart Brewery Website
Großen Bart Brewery on Facebook
Großen Bart Brewery on Twitter
Großen Bart Brewery on Instagram

In Memoriam: Jeff’s Beard

Just a few weeks after our visit to Großen Bart Brewery, Jeff decided to trim his burly-man beard down to a slightly more manageable summertime length. It was a sad day for all the fans of the Jeff-beard, we know, but fortunately, the beard can live on in your memories…

Goodbye beard.  "It's so hard... to say goodbye... to yesterdaaaayyeeee..."
RIP Jeffry’s long, lustrous beard. “It’s so hard… to say goodbye… to yesterdaaaayyeeee…”
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