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We’re way behind on writing about new breweries. How far behind? Well, we’re just now reviewing Coda Brewing Co in Aurora, after they’ve been in business a full year. But what we lack in punctuality we make up for in persistence, so someday we’ll get around to all the breweries. Fortunately for us, we decided to visit Coda Brewing just in time for their 1st Anniversary Party, where we enjoyed an afternoon of fine beer, fanciful music, and some friendly company.

Visiting Coda Brewing Co

Update: Since this original story was published, the owners of Coda Brewing parted ways. This location, as featured in the story below, is now called Ursula Brewing. Meanwhile, Coda Brewing has now opened in a new location in Golden, Colorado.

Coda Brewing Co is located on the University of Colorado Anschutz campus. If you’re a Colorado native you may know this area as the former Fitzsimons Army base, which was decommissioned in the late 1990s. Now the area is home to a number of new hospitals, health care facilities, state-of-the-art research facilities, some apartments, and of course, Coda Brewing Co.

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So what’s a Coda Anyway?

In music, the coda symbol designates a passage that brings a piece of music to an end. The name and the entire ambiance of Coda Brewing Co make it quickly apparent that music inspires their Coda brews, and vice versa. The interior is beautiful and comfortable, with large tables meant for sharing and a natural wooden bar. Their tasting room opens up to reveal a large outdoor patio, where you can soak in the sun or play a few games while you enjoy your beers and music. And because Coda Brewing loves music, there is a stage right in the middle of the space for live music from local bands.

For the Anniversary Party Coda was featuring three bands. We arrived just in time for Banshee Tree, and immediately fell in love with this band’s sound. Then again we are suckers for a band with a suitcase drum, a washboard and some mad kazoo-playing skills! While we didn’t see much of the other two bands that performed for the party, if Banshee Tree is any indication, Coda Brewing gets some really great music on that stage of theirs.

Coda Brewing Co, Aurora CO | bottlemakesthree.com
The Banshee Tree playing the Coda Brewing Co 1st Anniversary Party

As for beer, Coda Brewing makes a variety of unique ales. Classic beers are made on their 10 barrel system, while they maintain a half-barrel system to make their small-batch experimental elixirs. We mostly stuck to the basics, because they were all pretty new to us, but we did try one of their small-batch sours, the Mountain Jam Peach Kolsch. It was a deliciously juicy, slightly tart peach beer that was really fantastic. It may have been my favorite of the day if not for the Coda Brewing’s Sleepyhead Passion Fruit Imperial Kolsch. Sleepyhead is a perfect example of a fruit beer done right. I’m not the only one that thinks so either – they won a silver medal at the 2014 GABF for this brew. Sleepyhead is light and crisp, almost fizzy on the tongue, with a wonderfully tropical passion fruit flavor that isn’t too sweet or overpowering. It’s a really great beer.

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Jeff’s favorite Coda Brewing beers were considerably more hopped-up. He liked the Hydle Ale, a wheat IPA that had a delicious grapefruit flavor, and he adored the Covalent Imperial IPA. Covalent pours a glistening amber-color and has a big, bold, bitter citrus and tropical fruit flavor. It easily received Jeff’s hop-head seal of approval.

Coda Brewing does not serve food, but you can order it from Coda’s sister restaurant across the street, Cedar Creek Pub, and they’ll bring your food right over. And you should order some food because that Cedar Creek grub is delicious. We shared some pepperoni flatbread and an order of Cedar Wings with Thai-style sweet & spicy sauce – and both items were heavenly. Those wings, in that sauce, washed down with a Coda beer… seriously, it was too good for words. Apparently, it was also too good for pictures because we were too focused on shoving the food in our faces to take any photos. Go get some for yourself if you want to see what they looked like.

Coda Brewing Co, Aurora CO | bottlemakesthree.com

Overall, Coda Brewing Co brings together some fine beer with great music and food, and when you add that all up you have one hell of a good time. At least we did. If you pay a visit to Coda Brewing, let us know what you think.

About Coda Brewing Co

Coda Brewing Co makes delicious beers to pair with food and music. You can enjoy them on-site, take home a growler, and just recently they began to bottle a few of their beers (including our favorites, Sleepyhead and Covalent IIPA) in bombers that you can find at their brewery or select liquor stores.

Coda Brewing Co
2101 North Ursula Street Unit 10
Aurora, CO 80045

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