Celebrate Summer with National Radler Day on June 22nd


The longest day of the year can now also be most refreshing! Beginning this year, National Radler Day will be celebrated annually on June 22nd. A Radler is an easy drinking, thirst quenching, and delicious – making them the perfect beer cocktail for a warm summer day.

National Radler Day

Breweries all across the country will be participating in Radler Day, so if you’re out and about, look for a Radler on the menu at your local brewery or tap house. If you can’t find one, or if you want a refreshing beer drink you can enjoy in your own backyard, a Radler is easy enough to make at home. A Radler is made with (give or take) 50% Lager and 50% lemon or grapefruit soda. The blend makes for a great sessionable drink and can be customized with your favorite beers or sodas.

Our homemade Radler, featuring Polestar Pilsner & Trader Joe's Sparking Clementine soda
Our homemade Radler, featuring Polestar Pilsner & Trader Joe’s Sparking Clementine soda

To celebrate National Radler Day early, we made our own version of a Radler using Left Hand Brewing’s Polestar Pilsner and Trader Joe’s Sparkling Clementine Soda. This blend made a delicious orange version of the Radler, similar to what we enjoyed at 300 Suns Brewing. It’s the perfect beverage for brunch, or sunny-afternoon day drinking. For a more traditional Radler, Trader Joe’s also has some delicious sparkling lemonade and grapefruit soda which would taste great mixed with your favorite light beer.

Radler Day History

Radler is German for “cyclist,” and the story behind the Radler goes like this: In June 1922, a new bike trail led thousands of cyclists to the Kugleralm Pub in Germany. When the owner of the pub realized they didn’t have enough beer for all the thirsty cyclists, he concocted a 50/50 blend of Lager and Lemon Juice, and the Radler was born.

Brewery Review: 300 Suns Brewing in Longmont, CO | https://www.bottlemakesthree.com
The St. Vrain Chain Gang Radler at 300 Suns Brewing, Longmont

The could be more legend than fact, but it helps explains why the Radler is such a popular beer with cyclists. In fact at 300 Suns Brewing in Longmont, the St. Vrain Chain Gang Radler is named after the local cyclist club. It was here a few months ago that we had our first Radler, made with sparking orange-ade. It was so delicious, that we are celebrating National Radler Day all weekend with our own sparkling orange version of the Radler.

More National Radler Day Info

For more information on National Radler Day, join the National Radler Day Facebook event hosted by Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland, OR) or follow Radler Day on Instagram. You can also join the online fun by tagging your photos or tweets with the National Radler Day official hashtags: #nationalradlerday and #radlerday


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