The Farm House Restaurant at Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery will be celebrating the grand opening of their new $36-million brewery campus in Littleton this weekend. Unless you received a Golden Ticket for an early tour opportunity, the first opportunity to tour the new space will be this Sunday, June 22nd. It seems that Sunday’s tours are already booked up, but future tours can be scheduled online. Tours are offered four times a day, Wednesday through Monday.

The Breckenridge Farm House Restaurant

While the brewery opens their doors this weekend, the Farm House Restaurant at Breckenridge Brewery has been open a few weeks. We dined at the Farm House last weekend and were so impressed that we had dinner there again this week. This place is the real deal and may be our favorite dining spot in the Denver area. We love everything about the Farm House, and we are confident you will, too. Below we’ll share some of our first impressions, along with some not-so-great cell phone pictures. We’ll bring you more (and better photos) after we tour the brewery. But don’t let that delay you from trying this great restaurant.

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The Space

With lots of wood and natural light, the Farm House Restaurant is magnificent, inside and out. Outside there are picnic tables in their future beer garden, space for outdoor games, and lots of beautiful grass and farm-like scenery. Inside the decor is rustic yet comfortable, with high ceilings and natural wood, home-style table settings, and loads of windows. In the back, there is a huge screened-in porch where you can enjoy the pasture-like scenery outside. They do get busy, but there are two cute little waiting area nooks, complete with comfy couches and themes all their own: the Fox Den and the Man Cave. They also have a few rocking chairs, where Jeff and Johnny chose to wait during our first visit. Just don’t get too comfy, as they occasionally exaggerate on the waiting times. On that first visit, they told us the wait for a table would be an hour or more, but they texted us after only 8 minutes to let us know our table was ready.

The Bar

In the center of the Farm House you’ll find their large bar, with lots of seating and great service from friendly Breckenridge barkeeps. You can find just about anything in the Breckenridge Brewery line up at the Farm House bar, including several Breckenridge special releases and exclusive Farm House brews. We really loved finally being able to taste the limited edition Mango Mosaic beer, AKA Hulk’s Mash, the Breckenridge Brewery special release for Denver Comic Con. This is an incredible beer, and we’re ready to sign anyone’s petition to add it to the regular lineup! In addition to all the Breckenridge beers, the Farm House also offers a few guest beers, cocktails, house spirits, and wine.

If you fall in love hard with a particular Breckenridge brew, there is a growler station in the front of the restaurant where you can get to-go growlers of most of your Breckenridge favorites, including the occasional, seasonal, and barrel aged releases. While you’re up front filling your growlers you can also stock up on Breckenridge Brewery gear at their store.

Farm House Restaurant at Breckenridge Brewery, Littleton CO |

The Menu

The location is nice, and the beer is fantastic, but it was the food that made us visit the Farm House Restaurant twice last week. The food we’ve enjoyed at the Farm House is absolutely incredible.

The menu at the Farm House features lots of locally sourced, hand-made specialties. The cast iron bread is almost worth the trip alone. Sweet and savory, covered in butter and served with house made jam, if we could we’d eat this bread every day. We clearly shouldn’t, but it’s hard to pass up. We almost missed it on the top of the menu so huge props go to our first waitress for recommending we give it a try.


While we love the cast iron bread, the rest of the menu isn’t too shabby, either. All of the Pantry items (appetizers and small plates) look incredible. We had their Meat & Cheese board, an assortment of local cheeses, hand-crafted meats, fresh baked bread, and preserves – all delicious. We can also recommend a few sandwiches: the Pan-Fried Striped Bass and the Ranch Grilled Chicken are both delicious. We have yet to try any of the full dinners or desserts, but from what we’ve seen served around us, we have a pretty good indication that they’ll be delicious.

Farm House Restaurant at Breckenridge Brewery, Littleton CO |

Visiting the Breckenridge Farm House Restaurant

If you make a pilgrimage to Breckenridge Brewery, make sure you take the time to dine at the Farm House. It’s truly a wonderful restaurant, and you may even run into us there; we can’t get enough of this place! The Farm House Restaurant is open daily at 11 am.

Farm House Restaurant at Breckenridge Brewery
2990 Brewery Lane
Littleton CO 80120

Phone: 303.803.1380
Farm House Restaurant on Facebook

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