Great American Beer Festival 2015: It’s On!

Denver Beer Week is in full effect! We started our Great American Beer Festival (GABF) celebration last night at Falling Rock Tap House just as their Countdown to GABF Clock reached zero. Okay, maybe we started celebrating even before the clock hit zero, but who’s counting? One thing is certain: Now that we’ve started this party, it’s not going to stop until Saturday night when GABF comes to a close!

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This week we’re fortunate enough to take part in several great beer-related adventures. We’ll be taking part in the Oskar Blues Ordeal at the Hops & Heifers farm, brunch with the folks of Sam Adams, a special Denver brewery tour, and much, much more. Will we recap all these events after the festival? You betcha. We’ll be sending all kinds of recaps your way once GABF is over. If you want to keep up with our adventures during the festival we suggest you follow our social media links, below. We may even broadcast our first Scope… that’s what the cool kids call it when they use Periscope to broadcast live videos. At least we think. We’re far removed from being cool kids on various levels, but bless our hearts we try.

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Want to have your own GABF week fun?

What are you waiting for, get out there & do it! As we mentioned, we started our GABF week yesterday with some rare and excellent craft beers at Falling Rock. There is no better time than the present to start your GABF week celebrations. Whether you have tickets to the festival or not, there are dozens of great beer events all week long in Denver. Check out our BMT Facebook Event Calendar for ideas, or just visit the Colorado brewery near you and demand something special for GABF week. Just kidding, you should be nice to your local brewers, they’re probably all pretty hung over.

Supplication by Russian River Brewing Co, enjoyed at Falling Rock Tap House |
Supplication by Russian River Brewing Co. Just one of the great beers we enjoyed at Falling Rock Tap House.

Going to the Fest?

If you’re going to GABF you just may stumble into us – or vice versa. We’ll be there for three of the four sessions, so look for us Where’s Waldo style and if you spot us, say hi! If we don’t know you yet we’d love to meet you. It’s always nice to know someone is reading all these words we send on the interwebs. At least someone other than our parents. (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!)

Whatever your GABF week brings, be responsible and be safe. Let’s all have some good, safe, grown-up fun out there, folks. We’ll see you back here after the festival.