BMT on PorchDrinking: Exploring Rocky Mountain Barrel Company

Ugh, Monday. We know that you’re already tired of this work week, and we aren’t even done with day-one yet. Why not escape from the monotony of work by checking out our latest article on This time around we collaborated with the team at PorchDrinking to take a look behind the scenes at Rocky Mountain Barrel Company.

About Rocky Mountain Barrel Company

You may be unfamiliar with Rocky Mountain Barrel Company, but if you enjoy barrel-aged beers or sours, there is a good chance you’ve had a beer from one of their barrels. This Colorado-based company has seen its business grow along with the craft beer boom because they focus on an incredibly important niche market – sourcing new and used barrels. To learn more about Rocky Mountain Barrel Company, and how they are the unsung hero behind many great barrel-aged beers, click below to read our full article on

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Noah Steingraeber from Rocky Mountain Barrel Company
Noah Steingraeber, our tour guide at Rocky Mountain Barrel Company