Cats, Robots and Little Machine Beer

For those of you paying attention, it’s been a few weeks since we posted anything substantial on Bottle Makes Three. A variety of things have stood in the way of our writing. You can chalk a lot of it up to the typical “busy time of the year” excuse I make each fall because these last few months of each calendar year do get pretty stressful at work. But beyond that, I just have been in a bit of a writer’s funk. A good deal of my lackluster attitude has been due to one of our little girls being sick. We don’t have your typical two-legged kiddos, but we do have two very sweet kitties. One of them, Gracie, has been fighting an illness in the last few weeks. What started as a respiratory infection turned bacterial, which eventually turned into a depressed kitty that refused to eat or drink. When a cat stops eating it can cause serious liver issues in a short amount of time. It also leaves her feeling horrible, and us feeling helpless, and in no mood to write. 

The thing about me, though, is that I’m an optimist. I believe in my heart that Gracie will be fine, work will slow down, and sunny days are around the corner. So with Thanksgiving just a few days away we both made the decision that it was time to change our attitude. We needed to get out and have some fun again, and for us, fun = beer. So on Saturday afternoon, we paid a visit to one of Denver’s newest breweries, Little Machine Beer.

Visiting Little Machine Beer

We’ve been hearing great things about Little Machine Beer since they opened just a few weeks ago, and a great new brewery was just what we needed to adjust our attitudes. Plus, their motto is Drink Robot Beer, and who can be sad around robots for goodness sake? Not us.

Little Machine Beer, Denver CO |

As we walked into Little Machine Beer the first thing that stood out was the bar. The circular bar was large and welcoming, and thanks to the design there are no bad seats. Nobody gets stuck in a corner, and everyone can see and be seen. The was lots of space behind the bar for the serving area, and the round layout seemed to ensure good service, as the Little Machine Beer team was constantly circling to answer questions and refill glasses. The tap-room surrounding the bar also featured lots of tables and a few couches, if you want to enjoy your beers in a more intimate setting. The surroundings make Little Machine Beer the perfect spot for catching up with friends. There were lots of groups gathering, including one crew celebrating a Friendsgiving that looked so awesome that we wished we were their friends.

Little Machine Beer, Denver CO |

The name Little Machine is a reference to how in even the most complicated machine it’s the basic small parts – the nuts, bolts, axles, and levers – that makes everything work. The same holds true for beer. No matter how fancy or complicated the brew, the most basic parts – the water, barley, hops, and yeast – are what really makes the beer. The best part about the name and the robot theme may just be the awesome robots you can spot hidden everywhere. It’s such a fun place.

Little Machine Beer has a 10-barrel brewery with plans to have about 12 beers on tap at any given time. They’re still working up to that number and when we visited they had 9 beers on tap. Styles available ranged from a light easy-drinking ale to a several dark and delicious stouts, plus plenty of other great options in-between. Of course, we had to try them all!

Little Machine Beer, Denver CO |
Little Machine Beer, Denver CO |
Little Machine Beer, Denver CO |

All nine of the beers we tasted were great, and there wasn’t a single beer we wouldn’t order again. When pushed to pick his favorites from the lineup Jeff really liked the two IPAs: the Sniff IPA and the Turbocharger Double IPA. The Sniff IPA had a great floral aroma and was well-balanced with some honey-like sweetness, while Turbocharger had a much more earthy, piney aroma and a citrus bitterness in the finish.

Little Machine Beer, Denver CO |

My favorite was the Razz Against the Machine Tart Raspberry Ale. With a pink raspberry hue that was so clear it almost sparkled, this beer looks a bit more like a blush wine than a beer. The flavor was fruity and tart, with just enough sweetness to balance everything out. It’s funny because I would have not picked this as my favorite from just reading the menu, but it won me over with one sip, it was so good.

The Bakin’ Bakery Food Truck was on site during our visit, and we couldn’t resist pairing our beers with a few of their tasty menu options. We shared an order of Veggie Potstickers and a Prosciutto Poptart, and everything was delicious. We even finished our meal with a couple of fantastic fresh-baked doughnuts. Because what is the point of being and adult if you can’t have beer and doughnuts when you want? We splurged on them, and they were amazing.

Overall, Little Machine Beer was just what the doctor ordered to get us out of our gloomy mood. We had a fun time just hanging out, catching up on a little random chat with the folks around us, and letting go of all those silly stresses that have dragged us down. I think we’re both ready to feel optimistic again. Our glasses are not only half full, but they’re half full of beer. Woohoo!

Pay a Visit to Little Machine Beer

You can find Little Machine Beer in Jefferson Park, just east of Federal Boulevard and next to Sports Authority Field at Mile High. It’s the perfect place for beers before, during or after to Broncos game… or really any other day of the week. They don’t serve food, but you can bring your own or enjoy something from the food trucks that occasionally stop by.

Little Machine Beer
2924 W 20th Ave
Denver CO 80211



  1. Dave Meeson

    Robots AND Bakin, sounds like quite a feast. I wish they had had that Tart Raspberry Ale when we checked it out; I liked the Black Currant Sour but it was “just OK” to me and I would have liked another fruity option. Hope Gracie is feeling better soon!

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