Say Goodnight, Gracie

Warning: This post is a bit sad and has absolutely nothing to do with beer. If you prefer to keep our relationship on a superficial level, where we just have fun and discuss beer, maybe skip this post and come back next time. We’ll be ready to return to our usual boozy capers by then.

As we mentioned last week, things have been quiet around Bottle Makes Three recently. Mostly due to crazy work schedules, but also because one of our two kitties, Gracie, had been fighting an illness that wouldn’t go away. When we wrote last week’s post we truly believed we were turning a corner and were optimistic that everything was getting better. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. Just before Thanksgiving, we discovered that Gracie’s illness was much more serious than anyone originally suspected. Despite our best efforts and her strong will, Gracie was losing the fight, and we had to say goodbye to her earlier this week. It’s been a tough blow, so we hope you understand why we didn’t much feel like blogging.

Gracie was a great beer cat, even if she was only in it for the boxes.

They say time heals all wounds, and we know more than anything that Gracie would want us to stop being mopey and start having fun again. So next week we plan on getting back to the business of exploring our local craft beer scene and sharing our stories. We’re going to kick the week off with our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Beer Lovers, so be sure you come back to check it out. We’ve gathered lots of fun products that any beer drinker would love, including us, if you feel like buying us presents to make us feel better. Just kidding of course! Well, kinda…

Thanks for sticking with us during our hiatus. Now let’s all go have a beer for Gracie.

Chris & Jeff


  1. Rick Huffstutter

    I loved this post and feel it was very appropriate. I know Gracie would appreciate the attention and absolutely deserves this eulogy. She loved her Mommy & Daddy and visa versa. So, I raise my next glass of beer in tribute to Gracie. She will be missed. RIP Gracie !

  2. Alison Carbone

    I am so excited to have Inkwell back in my glasses! Big piney american hops, smooth roasted malts. It is better than other because it is one of the tastier craft beer styles out there right now.

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