Celebrate Today’s Beer & 80’s Nostalgia at New Kids on the Block 2016

Don’t you wish you could enjoy some fantastic new beers while surrounded by the unfortunate fashion choices of the 1980s? Do you long to relive the 80’s, while still enjoying the great craft beers of today? Or do you just wish you had time to visit all the newest Colorado craft breweries, but silly things like work and responsibilities have made you miss out on the latest grand openings? If you can relate to any of the above, The New Kids on the Block Beer Festival has you covered.

New Kids on the Block Beer Festival

The 4th Annual New Kids on the Block Beer Festival is taking place at The Lobby on Thursday, March 24. New Kids on the Block celebrates 20 of the newest breweries in Colorado, all served with a generous side of 80’s nostalgia. This is a fun festival and is quickly coming one of the best fests of Colorado Craft Beer Week.

In Colorado, new breweries open every single day. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure can feel like there’s always someplace new opening, and it can be tough to get around to visiting them all. That’s the genius of New Kids on the Block. This year’s festival will feature 20 breweries, all under two years old, giving Colorado beer enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to sample all these new beers under one roof.

Best of all the New Kids on the Block fest will feature an 80’s theme, complete with a costume contest and dance party. Finally, you have a reason to crimp your hair, dust off your Duran Duran t-shirt, and break out those lace fingerless gloves! Or maybe that’s just me.

New Kids on the Block 2016 | bottlemakesthree.com

General admission tickets to the New Kids on the Block Beer Festival are $30. If you want a VIP experience, and who doesn’t want a VIP experience, you can buy a $45 VIP ticket that includes a seated three-course beer dinner with Call To Arms Brewing Company before the festival. What a bargain!

For more details on the New Kids on the Block Beer Festival visit TwoParts.com. For other beer events occurring during Colorado Craft Beer Week, visit the ColoradoCraftBeerWeek.com.

New Kids on the Block Beer Fest | bottlemakesthree.com

Event Details

New Kids on the Block 2016

The Lobby, 2191 Arapahoe St, Denver CO 80205

Thursday, March 24, 2016
VIP Beer Dinner starts at 5:30 PM
GA Festival begins at 7:00 PM

$45 + tax for VIP
$30 + tax for General Admission
Purchase your tickets at TwoParts.com

Presented by:
Two Parts and PorchDrinking.com



  1. Dave Meeson

    Wish I was going to beer around for this one, but Two Parts announced it WAY late this year and I’m out of town. Just thinking about that list of breweries is making me drool. Cerebral, Comrade, F&G, Little Machine, Mockery, Ratio, Spangalang … And they got WeldWerks to come down! Awesome.

    • Chris

      We agree, this looks like the best lineup ever!

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