Creede Brewing Company brings the Wild West to North Denver

Last week we spent a lazy Sunday afternoon north of downtown Denver searching for some fun and some great craft beer. Our first stop was at Broken Shovels Farm, which we wrote about last week. All that time hanging out with the barnyard animals made us thirsty, so after the farm, we decided to visit two craft breweries that we hadn’t previously visited: Creede Brewing Company and Beer By Design. Our first stop was to Creede Brewing Company, just a few miles from the farm. We knew nothing about Creede Brewing when we set forth their way, so we were eager to learn all about them.

Visiting Creede Brewing Company

Creede Brewing Company was full of surprises. The first big surprise for us was when we realized that Creede Brewing Company wasn’t in Creede, Colorado. If not for Yelp we may not have noticed that afternoon that the brewery was in North Denver, sandwiched somewhat between Commerce City and Thornton. The brewery’s name pays tribute to the historic City of Creede, located in southwest Colorado in the Rio Grande National Forest. Creede is one of those old western towns that saw a boom during the silver mining days of the late 1800s. The history of Creede is full of stories of the wild, wild west.

Creede Brewing Company in Denver, CO |

On the outside, Creede Brewing Company looks pretty nondescript. It’s nestled in a small strip mall with just a big BREWERY sign to mark their presence. Walk inside this small, industrial space and the pictures and beer names on the menu help tell a story of the wild west. Take for example the Poker Alice Brown Ale. While this beer was out during our visit, we were still told the tale of Poker Alice by staff that clearly loves to share the story behind the beer’s name. Simply ask the staff, and they are more than happy to share a little western history with you as you sip your beers.

Inside Creede Brewing Company

The Creede Brewing Company taproom was small but comfortable and had the feel of a working-class neighborhood pub. It was fairly quiet when we stopped by early Sunday afternoon, but that may have been because the Denver Broncos had the day off. We sat at the bar with several locals who came in for beers and late breakfast (more on that later.) Everyone seemed to know one another, and everyone was warm and welcoming. We felt right at home.

Creede Brewing Company in Denver, CO |

For a moment we thought Creede Brewing Company was a farmer’s hangout since every now & then we’d get a whiff of wet hay and manure. Then we realized that was us, or rather our boots! Apparently, we picked up quite the aroma from walking around the Broken Shovels Farm earlier in the day. Fortunately, nobody here seemed to notice or mind my earthy aroma, or if they did, they were nice enough not to bring it up.

The bartender was apologetic that many of the regular beers were out, but quickly gave us samples of the five beers they had on tap to help us pick our favorite. After a day at the farm, we were looking for some seasonal beers, so we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of styles and flavors. After tasting all five we selected our favorites: Mine was the Pumpkin ESB with Sweetgrass. It had a great roasted pumpkin taste and was slightly sweet without being too heavy on the spice. Jeff had the Cranberry Stout, which was dark, rich and delicious, with just the faintest tartness from the cranberries. Our runner-up beer may have been the Drift Apple Cinnamon Whiskey, for its uniqueness, and it’s crisp, sweet, apple flavor. Everything we tasted was good, but these three fall beers really hit the spot.

Creede Brewing Company in Denver, CO |

While enjoying our beers we discussed how Budweiser is totally wrong in their commercial when they suggest that only beer geeks and hipsters are interested in good, flavorful craft beer. There were no hipsters to be found in this joint, and we were the closest thing to a beer geek at the bar. Still, everyone was enjoying these fruity seasonal beers. Take that, AB-InBev!

In addition to their lineup of craft beer, Creede Brewing Company offers bar drinks, including several infused vodkas, whiskeys, and special shots. After all, what good western bar wouldn’t offer you a shot? If you’re hungry, food is available from Mr. Egg, the restaurant next door. We would strongly urge you to arrive hungry because the food looked absolutely amazing. We watched one after another customer devour plates full of breakfast foods and Mexican dishes, all smothered in green chili and cheese. We were cursing ourselves for having a boring sandwich for lunch before we arrived.

Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Creede Brewing Company. The people were friendly, and the beers were creative and good. It’s definitely worth a trip if you want to escape the typical Denver watering holes.

About Creede Brewing Company

Creede Brewing Company is a friendly, laid-back spot that is full of surprises. Don’t try too hard to research them before you visit, since in our experience they don’t spend too much time updating social media or their website. Just head on over and see what they have on tap. We’re sure you’ll find some great beers, delicious food, and maybe even a funny story or two. Consider it a western adventure!

Creede Brewing Company
7314 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80229