Happy Thanks-Living at Broken Shovels Farm

After weeks of unseasonably warm weather in Colorado, nobody is happier than we are that fall has finally arrived. This past Sunday was sunny but cool, and with nothing on our calendar and no Bronco’s game on the TV, we thought it was high time we got out to enjoy the season.

Our little Sunday afternoon road trip took us north of Denver for some homespun fun at Broken Shovels Farm, followed by beers at two nearby breweries: Creede Brewing Company and Beer By Design Brewery. We want to give each of those spots our full attention (by way of a BMT post) so we’ll be writing about each separately over the next few days. First up is our first stop, Broken Shovels Farm. Fair warning: No beer was consumed at Broken Shovel Farms. However, we do promise plenty of cute animals so keep reading anyway.

Happy Thanks-Living at Broken Shovels Farm (Henderson, Colorado) | BottleMakesThree.com

Our Trip to Broken Shovels Farm

We heard about Broken Shovels Farm on Facebook where we somehow stumbled upon their Thanks-Living Open Farm and Holiday Market. Located in Henderson, Colorado – a tiny, unincorporated community in Adams County – Broken Shovels is a large, rustic, slaughter-free dairy farm. Broken Shovels focuses on rescue and sanctuary for their animals, while also providing small farm experiences for the community. The animals at Broken Shovels get to live their lives out on the farm, free from being someone’s dinner, which is awesome. While we’re not vegetarian ourselves, we are sympathetic to the cause and appreciate all that the folks at Broken Shovels Farm does to bring awareness to animal issues.

Admittedly, we were probably more excited to see the animals on the farm than we were for the Holiday Market. Broken Shovels Farm is home to countless animals, including goats, cows, pigs, ducks, dogs, cats and many more. All living creatures are welcome in this rustic, sprawling farm. During the Open Farm events, guests are invited to wander around with the animals and encouraged to bring pumpkins, apples, kale, and other snacks to feed them.

Happy Thanks-Living at Broken Shovels Farm (Henderson, Colorado) | BottleMakesThree.com
“Just get in the car and don’t ask any questions.”

We spent most of our visit hanging out with the goats, which isn’t hard to do since they are literally everywhere. We tried to give some pumpkin to Tripod, the resident 3-legged goat, but he was less interested in the food as he was chilling on his log. Having three legs means he appreciates the opportunity to take a load off every now & then.

Tripod, the 3-legged goat. At the Happy Thanks-Living at Broken Shovels Farm (Henderson, Colorado) | BottleMakesThree.com
Tripod, the 3-legged goat, taking a well-deserved break

We also made sure to visit Cecil and Sylvester, a pair of rescued turkeys, who were clearly the stars of this Holiday Market event. Safe from being someone’s Thanksgiving dinner, these fellas were plenty happy just wandering the barnyard grounds together, side by side. They weren’t what we would call cute, but they were definitely majestic. They were also just a tad bit creepy, as they paced the grounds slowly, side-by-side, in perfect unison. It was very reminiscent of the Grady Twins in The Shining…

Happy Thanks-Living at Broken Shovels Farm (Henderson, Colorado) | BottleMakesThree.com
“Come play with us. Forever and ever and ever….”

After spending loads of time getting to know the animals we did eventually make our way over to the Holiday Market. There we found several tables of farm fresh, locally made goodies for sampling and purchase. There were vegan chocolate truffles, delicious shortbread and the most incredibly creamy, yummy yogurts. Red Camper was there selling their amazing boozy jams, and there were plenty of butter, cheeses and other delectable fresh foods as well. Everything we sampled was amazing, but we tried to show restraint by not buying everything. We ended up purchasing some fresh cream herbed goat butter, and a few varieties of hand-crafted goat cheese.

About Broken Shovels Farm

We are pretty smitten with Broken Shovels Farm and think you should check them out. During the year they offer a few Open Farm and Market Days, and in the summer they feature outdoor concerts on their barn-adjacent stage. You can learn all about the farm, and even sponsor an animal, on their website. Follow Broken Shovels Farm on Facebook so you never miss an upcoming event.

Broken Shovels Farm
8640 Dahlia Street
Henderson, CO 80640

Website: http://brokenshovels.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brokenshovels/

After you visit Broken Shovels Farm, why not enjoy a beer at nearby Creede Brewing Company? We did! Stay tuned for our visit to Creede Brewing in our next post.


Happy Thanks-Living at Broken Shovels Farm (Henderson, Colorado) | BottleMakesThree.com
Goat selfie fail