A Procrastinators Guide to Great Last Minute Beer Gifts

Christmastime is nearly here. Are you still struggling with what to get that special beer-loving someone in your life? Or maybe you need a gift idea for someone not-so-special – like the coworker you barely know or the distant cousin that’s coming in town for the holiday? It doesn’t matter who is on your shopping list this year. If you are looking for some awesome last-minute beer gifts, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Procrastinators Gift Guide, below, year focuses on gifts for beer lovers that you can get done super-fast without spending a bunch on shipping charges, so you can have your gift done, wrapped, and under the tree today! With the time you save you can enjoy a few holiday beers of your own.

6 Great Last Minute Beer Gifts

Local Brewery Gift Cards

As the saying goes: Anyone who doesn’t know what to buy me must not know where to find beer. Free beer is always a great gift for the beer lover on your shopping list. Most local craft breweries offer gift cards or gift certificates, which is easy for you and will be much appreciated by the recipient. If you need help finding a craft brewery use the Find A Brewery tool on CraftBeer.com to direct you to the great craft beer spots near you (or them.) If you’re extra lucky, maybe they’ll invite you for a beer when they cash in the card. Win/Win!

Brewery Gift Cards | Super-Last-Minute Gifts for Beer Lovers via BottleMakesThree.com
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Pro(crastinator) Tip: Don’t just buy them a brewery gift card, pair the gift card with some brewery swag! Buy them an empty growler they can have filled, or a brewery t-shirt, or even a bomber or two of beer. It’s way cooler (and seems less last-minute) when you roll into the party with a gift they can unwrap. Showing up with an envelope just doesn’t give you the same swagger. Put in a little extra effort and it will make your gift all the more awesome.

Printable Beer Art

If buying actual beer for the beer lover on your list is a little too on-the-nose, celebrate their passion for ale with some great beer artwork. You can find incredible beer posters and prints on Etsy. For last-minute gifts we suggest finding artwork that is printable, so you don’t even need to have anything shipped. Simply buy the artwork and you’ll get a downloadable file that you can print at home or, for large sizes, at a FedEx Office or similar printing shop. Then put your print in a nice frame, and you have a quick, yet totally awesome gift. Plus, it will be a big improvement over whatever tacky beer poster they have pinned up on their wall today. Here’s some of our favorites from Etsy that are available for immediate download, with prices ranging from $4.50 to $15:

Links to view and purchase the above prints on Etsy:
Brewing Prints Set by TypImageArt ♦ Beer Print by SaltAndCove ♦ The Beers Are Calling by ColorFiles ♦ Beer Style Poster Set by KandCCreative ♦ Don’t Worry Be Hoppy by CompassionPrints ♦ Beer Type Poster by MedianAndMain

DIY Holiday Rein-Beers

We said it before and we’ll say it again: sometimes the best gift for a beer lover is beer! If you think a six-pack would be appreciated by your beer-loving pal, consider jazzing it up for the holidays to make it extra-special. Even the least crafty among us can turn a sixer into a real present with just a little effort and some basic craft supplies and a printer. We found this Rein-Beer tutorial from the CreativiDee Workshop, and it even includes free printable labels to make your gift-making that much easier. Honestly, the hardest part of this gift is not sneaking a beer for yourself.

We made our own Rein-Beers in under 30 minutes. We selected a six-pack of Slope Style Winter IPA from our local favorite, Boulder Beer Company. These festive seasonal brews are a simple yet merry way to give holiday cheer!

Pro(crastinator) Tip: Make a few extra six packs of Rein-Beers and keep them ready in your beer fridge for any unexpected holiday guests. You can also make Root Rein-Beers for kiddos under 21 to enjoy. Just make sure you don’t mix up the root beer with the grown-up beer, or you’ll definitely end up on Santa’s naughty list.

Local Beer Festival Tickets

I know what you may be thinking, but beer festivals aren’t just for summer anymore. Depending on where you live, you can often find great beer fests year-round. Tickets to a beer festival or event are perfect for the person on your list who has everything. Instead of giving them stuff they don’t need, give them an experience they’ll never forget. Everfest.com makes finding events, like local beer festivals, super easy. Click here to view their list of upcoming beer festivals for locations all over the U.S.

Find Beer Festival Tickets on Everfest | Super-Last-Minute Gifts for Beer Lovers | BottleMakesThree.com

Everfest.com lists all types of events, not just beer festivals. If you find an event that sound cool, you can read more about it on the site, and then link through to the event page for more details or to buy tickets. It’s all easy-peasy, and in the end you’ll be giving them a fun experience to enjoy after the holiday.

Basket Of Holiday Cheer

This one is super simple but always appreciated. It’s the perfect host/hostess gift if you’re visiting friends or family for the holidays. All you need to do is find yourself a basket, a box, a bucket or some other type of container. Personally, we like the big metal beer tubs for their practicality, but any container will work. Then just fill it up with beer (or wine), some snacks, and something fun like a small party game, and you have a great gift!

A Procrastinators Guide to Great Last-Minute Beer Gifts | BottleMakesThree.com

Pro(crastinator) Tip: Add some tissue paper or other filler, plus a few holiday touches. A few ornaments and decorative touches can really add to the wow-factor, and make it feel less last-minute. Throw some cellophane over it and tie it with a ribbon, and that’s some next-level gifting right there! Nobody will ever guess that you threw it together last-minute.

Craft Beer Gift Card from CraftShack.com

If you’re shopping for an adventurous beer drinker who has already tried all the local beers, or a beer geek who likes to seek out super-rare beers, we have a great site for you. CraftShack.com is an online beer delivery service with over 1800 craft beers and wine in stock. Best of all, they sell gift cards that you can have delivered via email, so they are perfect for last-minute gifts. The recipient can then go online to order their own beer, ensuring they are going to get something they really want. Their beer order will be delivered right to their door. Get more info and purchase your CraftShack gift cards at CraftShack.com.


HomeBrewing Kit

They say if you teach a person to fish they will never go hungry. We think if you teach a person to brew, they will only be thirstier… thirsty for more beer brewing knowledge, that is! Learning to brew helps beer lovers better appreciate their favorite beverage. Best of all, maybe they’ll get really good at making beer and they will share some with you.


We have tried most of the beer kits on the market, and they are all fun. They also all make some pretty good beer! If you think this is a good idea but aren’t sure where to start, visit your local homebrew supply shop. You can find one here on the American Homebrewers Association website. Or just start small and simple with a Mr. Beer or Brooklyn BrewShop kit. Both are usually easy to find at stores during the holiday season. Mr. Beer is great if you want something super-simple, and you can find stores that sell Mr. Beer here.  For the beer snob, we really like Brooklyn BrewShop. They offer small, whole-grain kits in a variety of great styles. If you aren’t sure what they would like, get them a digital gift card for Brooklyn BrewShop so they can go online to pick the starter kit in the style they want.

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What other last-minute ideas do you have for the beer geeks on your shopping list? Do share with us your suggestions in the comments below! We are always looking for great ideas to help us be better procrastinators gift-givers!

Cheers and Hoppy Holidays!

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