Watch Out, Milwaukee – We’re Coming For Your Beer.

Hey there, Milwaukee. You don’t know us, but we’ve sure heard a lot about you. You’ve got a reputation as a serious beer city. There are songs about what made you famous, and the tales of you once being the top beer producing city in the world. We’ve heard all about your good old days as the Capitol of Beer, home to the biggest breweries: Miller, Pabst, Schliltz, Blatz, Shotz…

Millennials may not understand this reference. Sorry. We’re old.

Wait… we’re just learning that Shotz Beer wasn’t a real Milwaukee brewery. Apparently, Shotz was a fictional Milwaukee brewery on Laverne and Shirley. Well, that is a bit disappointing. I guess we really don’t know Milwaukee as well as we thought. We only know a bit about your rich beer history, and know very little about the great people and places who continue to create Milwaukee-brewed beer today. Thank goodness we’ll be visiting you next week for the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference. We obviously have a lot to learn.

Credit: VISIT Milwaukee

BBC17 in Milwaukee

The 2017 Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference (BBC17) takes place in Milwaukee from August 3 – 5.  It’s great to be attending again this year after having to miss last year’s conference in Tampa. Plus we are truly excited to visit Milwaukee for our first time! We hear it’s a beautiful and fun city. We also know they are rumored to take their beer and their cheese seriously, so we already that in common. When we heard that the Beer Bloggers Conference would be hosted in Milwaukee, we knew it was the perfect opportunity for a visit.

Milwaukee Beer

Milwaukee is famous for beer, or so the old Schlitz commercials claim. We’re eager to learn about Milwaukee’s beer heritage at BBC17 from brewing pioneers such as Pabst Brewing Company. The conference sessions take place in Best Place, the historic site of the original Pabst Brewery. We’ll also pay a visit to the Miller Brewing Company, now part of MillerCoors. Miller has been brewing beer in Milwaukee for 160 years. It will be interesting to learn about Milwaukee brewing history while standing in the actual places where that history was made.

Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee | Credit: John Karpinsky

By the same token, we are looking forward to experiencing some of the cities newer breweries, and seeing how they are helping to evolve the story of Milwaukee beer. We’ll get to visit several local breweries, including Milwaukee Brewing CompanyLakefront BreweryGood City Brewing, and Brenner Brewing. We’ve heard a lot of buzz about the booming Milwaukee beer scene. We can’t wait to get there and sample a bit of it for ourselves.

Milwaukee’s Brenner Brewing | Credit: John Karpinsky

[pullquote cite=”Laverne and Shirley theme, and our motto all the beer we’ll try at BBC17″ type=”left”]
There is nothing we won’t try,
Never heard the word impossible,
This time there’s no stopping us,
We’re gonna do it!

BBC17 Conference Agenda

Clearly, there is no lack of great beer at a Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference. We’ll have plenty to sample from local breweries and conference sponsors. However it’s not all about the beer. Seriously! We actually get to learn some stuff, too! The conference agenda is packed with great presenters, each of which will share their knowledge to help make us better bloggers. For example, beer and brewing expert Randy Mosher will lead a session on how to improve our tasting and better describe our beer. Mosher literally wrote the book on Tasting Beer, as well as several other expert guides on beer and brewing. With his help, we are sure to learn better adjectives than “hoppy” to describe our favorite beers.

Other speakers on the agenda include experts from various fields. Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director from the Brewers Association will kick things off, and get us fired up with her enthusiasm and love of beer. We’ll learn about lambics and spontaneous fermentation from brewer Frank Boon of Brouwerij Boon. Lester Jones, the Chief Economist at the National Beer Wholesalers Association, will give us insight on what industry trends are on the horizon.Beer Advocate’s Editorial Director, Ben Keene, will talk to us about professionalizing our blogging. (Wish him luck trying to make us more professional – that is no easy task.) Finally, the keynote speaker is Susan Evans, the Director of the Smithsonian Food History Program at the National Museum of American History. We suspect she knows more than a thing or two about beer.

We could list even more great speakers and session topics on the BBC17 agenda, but you get the point. The content at the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference looks incredible. We would be psyched about attending the conference even if there wasn’t a boatload of beer on the agenda. Fortunately, we get both. And speaking of boatloads, when the conference wraps we’ll be loading ourselves on a boat. More accurately it’s a ferry, and it will shuttle us across Lake Michigan to Grand Rapids for a quick post-conference excursion. Why? For more beer, of course! That’s just another example of the great experiences packed into this year’s conference agenda.

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Milwaukee Brewing Company | Credit: VISIT Milwaukee

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We understand that most of our readers aren’t beer bloggers, so you can’t come to the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference with us. Honestly, we wish we could bring you. We know how it feels to miss out – it totally sucks. But guess what? You can come with us… virtually! Just follow Bottle Makes Three on social media and you can share every awesome moment of #BBC17 with us. Since it’s us, we’ll even throw in a few awkward moments for good measure. Following Bottle Makes Three on social media is the new next best thing to being there.

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When we return, we’ll share all our best moments, coolest experiences and favorite beers of BBC17 and Milwaukee with you. We’ll make sure you are fully prepared with tips for your own beer-filled Milwaukee vacation!

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As far as we know, Milwaukee’s Bronze Fonz isn’t on the agenda. If we do see him, we’ll tell him you said “Heeeeyyy…”  | Credit: VISIT Milwaukee


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