A Toast For You on National Beer Lover’s Day

Friends of Bottle Makes Three, stop everything…. today is National Beer Lover’s Day!

Isn’t Every Day National Beer Lover’s Day?

Yes, it’s true that we love beer every day. Still, someone decided that annually on September 7 we should officially celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day and who are we to stop them? Clearly, it’s just a silly, made-up internet holiday. But if we’re going to celebrate every other weird holiday (I’m looking at you, Talk Like a Pirate Day) then we definitely want a day to celebrate beer lovers! In fact, we’re going to celebrate the hell out of National Beer Lover’s Day this year. We are going to observe this holiday so HARD. We’re going to party like it’s IPA Day!

Why Celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day?

Because the world is crazy, y’all. Turn on the news lately and too often you are confronted with stories of hate, crime, war, and devastating natural disasters. The news can definitely make you feel like the world is spinning out of control. Not only that, but it’s frustrating to reconcile living in a time where we can connect with people faster & easier than ever, yet we seem to be drifting further and further apart. Yep, it can all be pretty darn depressing.

But you know what helps? Beer!

Not only is beer fun and delicious, but it brings people together. Just head to our local neighborhood brewery and you’ll see what we mean. Beer is social. Beer is fun!

Not only is beer awesome, but based on our experience beer lovers are some of the finest people in the world. It doesn’t matter much what your background or beliefs are when we’re sitting together at our neighborhood brewery. We may be total strangers, but after a pint or two, we’re the best of friends! Typically when we meet new folks at a brewery we quickly discover that no matter how different we may appear, we have more in common than not. It’s those interactions that remind us that while things seem crazy, everything will be okay. And it’s all thanks to beer.

So take a break from all the noise today. Turn off the TV, put away the cell phone, and pop open your favorite beer. Better yet, head over to your local craft brewery and hang out with friends (or meet some new ones.) Raise a pint to your fellow beer drinkers today and wish them a Happy National Beer Lover’s Day! Because it may be a fake internet holiday, but dang it, we deserve it. Enjoy!

Happy National Beer Lover's Day from the team at BottleMakesThree.com. Cheers!

Raise Those Pints for National Beer Lover’s Day!

Tonight we will raise our pints to you, our fellow beer-loving pals. Whenever and wherever you celebrate the National Beer Lover’s Day, we hope you have a great one!