A Toast For You on National Beer Lover’s Day

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Friends of Bottle Makes Three, stop everything…. today is National Beer Lover’s Day!

Yep, it’s true… annually on September 7 we stop and celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day. Is it a silly, made up holiday? Yeah, totally. So should we ignore it? Heck no! National Beer Lover’s Day should be celebrated, whole-heartedly. Here’s why:

The world is crazy lately. The daily news is full of hate, threats of war, and scary natural disasters. It’s downright depressing. With all the craziness in the world, why not welcome an excuse to stop and enjoy a cold beer with fellow beer lovers? Because while life is hard and sometimes scary, beer is simple, delicious, and fun. So let’s embrace this made-up holiday and forget our troubles, even for a few moments, while we enjoy a cold beer with our like-minded beer loving friends. 

Here is a short and simple toast to get your National Beer Lover’s Day celebration started:

Happy National Beer Lover's Day from the team at BottleMakesThree.com. Cheers!

We’ll be rasing our pints to all of you tonight, our fellow beer-loving pals. Cheers to you, and have a great National Beer Lover’s Day!

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