Celebrate Repeal Day & Party Like It’s 1933 at the Cruise Room

Happy Repeal Day!

Today marks an important day in American history for all of you fellow libation lovers out there. It was on this day 84 years ago that prohibition was repealed after 13 long, dry years.

Prohibition was a dark time for the country, and we don’t say that just because we like booze. The 18th Amendment, which was ratified on January 29, 1919, and took effect in early 1920, prohibited the manufacturing, transportation, and sale of alcohol in the United States. It was proposed as a way to reduce crime and violence, but was a huge failure, actually making things worse. The criminalization of alcohol led to a rise in civil delinquency and organized crime. It was also bad business, causing the loss of many jobs associated with the production, preparation, and consumption of alcohol. [Source: repealday.org

The end of prohibition, December 5, 1933

The Repeal of Prohibition

Fortunately, American slowly but surely came back to its senses and eventually worked to correct this mistake. On December 5, 1933, Utah became the final state needed for a three-quarters majority to ratify the 21st Amendment. This repealed the 18th Amendment and put an end to our nationwide prohibition. Once again, adults in America were allowed to legally make, sell and purchase alcohol.

In honor of Repeal Day, we hope you practice your constitutional right to enjoy a glass of your favorite spirit today. Have a drink for the American brewers and distillers who couldn’t legally practice their craft for 13 years. Drink for the bar owners who lost their livelihood, or the bartenders who were forced to work illegally during America’s time as a dry nation. Raise a glass for all the men and women who had to fight for our right to party… long before the Beastie Boys ever came into the picture. Or just have a drink because it’s Tuesday and you can, dammit. Whatever reason you choose, if you imbibe today we hope you take a moment to say a little toast in honor of Repeal Day, and how far we’ve come since prohibition.

The end of Prohibition, December 5, 1933

Celebrate Repeal Day in 1930’s Style at The Cruise Room

If you want to celebrate the Repeal Day in true 1930’s style, there’s no better place to be tonight than the Cruise Room at the Oxford Hotel (1600 17th Street, Denver). We love the Cruise Room any time of year for their incredible cocktails and stunning interior design (it’s modeled after a bar on the Queen Mary, hence the name.) But considering that the Cruise Room opened the day after Prohibition ended in 1933, it seems fitting to celebrate Repeal Day here.

Best of all, at the Cruise Room Repeal Day celebration tonight you can enjoy a classic cocktail for a legit back-in-the-day price. Order one of several cocktail specials tonight between 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and you will only pay the 1930’s cost for the your first drink. That means you can enjoy a Martini, Tom Collins or Sazerac for just 35 cents! If you’re feeling like a big spender, for just 50-cents you can get an Old Fashioned or Sidecar. There is no better way to celebrate like it’s 1933 than with a cocktail at the Cruise Room!

Celebrate Repeal Day at the Cruise Room in Denver. December 5, 2017. | bottlemakesthree.com

Whatever your plans are for Repeal Day, we hope it’s the bee’s knees.