The 2nd Annual Ales, Apps and Barrels of Fun Promises a Night the Kid in You Will Never Forget

The Children’s Museum Denver Marsico Campus has brought Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun back for a second year, and we are so excited for its return! This event was awesome last year. With great beer, incredible food, and access to all the activities inside the Children’s Museum it was possibly the most fun we had all year.

The 2nd Annual Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun returns to the Children's Museum on Thursday, February 7. You won't want to miss this event!

What is Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun?

It’s only the best idea for a beer and food festival in the history of ever!

Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun debuted last year, opening the doors to the Children’s Museum after hours for an adults-only night of beer, food, and music, surrounded by the world-class museum exhibits that encourage you to play, climb, and have fun. Proceeds from the event support the Children’s Museum in their educational programming and initiatives.

When we first learned of this event last year we were so excited that we immediately bought two tickets. Great beer and tasty food was a big draw, yes, but let’s not kid around about why we were interested. We were excited for the excuse to let go of our adult cares for the night and play! This after-hours event was our chance to kick the kiddos out of the museum for the night and do some climbing, building, exploring and playing of our own. Honestly, how could we pass that up?

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What to Expect at Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun

THE ALE: With more than a dozen great local craft breweries there is plenty of great beer to sample. Breweries set up throughout the museum so no matter where you wander off to, you’ll never be far from a tasting glass refill. The craft selection at this year’s event looks as impressive as last year, featuring Comrade Brewing, Crooked Stave, Epic Brewing, Resolute Brewing, Strange Craft Beer, Wit’s End Brewing, Wynkoop Brewing, and many more.

THE APPS: The food at Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun is not your typical kid-menu fare. Six catering companies are on site to provide child-inspired favorites, kicked up a whole lot of notches. By offering small “bites” you can try everything, and everything is incredibly delicious. I especially loved the s’mores last year, which were so ooey and gooey and addictive that I had to go back for, you guessed it, s’more! We can’t wait to see what’s on the menu this year.

Hold My Beer… and Let’s Play!

THE BARRELS OF FUN: As amazing as the food and drink may be, it’s the fun of the Children’s Museum that made this event so utterly unique. We were encouraged to play and climb and explore, and that’s exactly what we did. And as if we haven’t made it clear already, it was AWESOME.

Inside the Children’s Museum, we spent the night making enormous bubbles and miniature clay sculptures. Jeff got to pretend to play the banjo while I got to build a wooden robot friend. Together with some friends, we took command of the fire engine, becoming the fire crew you’d least want to see arrive to help you in an emergency. We also climbed everything, including Altitude. We made it up all three flights to the top of Altitude and emerged feeling victorious. The next morning we’d be feeling all kinds of grown-up aches and pains for the effort, but we didn’t care. It was worth it.

Being allowed to play in the museum after hours is something from a childhood dream. Being encouraged to play in the museum after hours while drinking great beer and eating tasty food was a dream come true.

Get Your Tickets to the 2nd Annual Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun

The 2nd Annual Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun promises to be another fantastic night filled with great beer, food, and fun. Tickets are $40 and available now. Don’t wait on getting yours because they will sell out. Get your ticket today, and get ready to come out and play!

Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun

Thursday, February 7, 2019
7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus
2121 Children’s Museum Drive
Denver CO 80211

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Ales, Apps & Barrels of Fun at the Children's Museum, 2018. This night filled with beer, food and fun returns on Thursday, February 7, 2019
This is the sad face you’ll make when you’re told it’s time to go home and be an adult again.