105 West Brewing Company, Crafting Beer and Community in Castle Rock

Castle Rock, Colorado may have more than 62,000 residents, but it’s the biggest little small town you’ll ever visit. Live here for a while and frequent our town restaurants, bars, and breweries, and eventually, you’ll realize you start to recognize all the faces. We didn’t know anyone in Castle Rock when we moved here in 2005. Over the years we’ve made countless friends and acquaintances. It means we (mostly) don’t go out looking as grungy as we did back when we were anonymous. But it also means we often run into friendly hellos, smiling faces, and people who know our name. And there’s no place in Castle Rock we bump into friends more than we do at 105 West Brewing Company.

105 West Brewing Company. Brewing craft beers and community in Castle Rock, Colorado

While it took us years to build a group of friends in Castle Rock, 105 West Brewing Company has been involved as an integral member of our local community since they opened. Head to any Castle Rock beer festival, community event, fundraising 5K, street party, or holiday gathering, and you’re sure to find 105 West Brewing there. Always.

For the sake of full disclosure, you may see us there too. We have poured for 105 West Brewing Company at several local events and festivals. From Cinco de Mayo to the Thanksgiving Turkey ROCK Trot and many events in between, we help out so that the brewery can serve the event without depleting their taproom staff. However, to be clear, we don’t like 105 West Brewing because we occasionally work for them. We work for them because we genuinely like them. So if it seems like we favor 105 West Brewing a bit, we admit it, we do. Just know that it’s because we’re huge fans of the brewery and not because we’re on the payroll.

Alex and Jeff are ready to pour you some 105 West Brewing Company beer in Castle Rock, Colorado.

About 105 West Brewing Co

The name 105 West refers to the meridian 105° west, a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole to the South Pole, passing over the Colorado front range along the way. And while 105 West Brewing Company may not be a household name outside of Castle Rock, yet, the brewery has certainly made a name for themselves around town. Come to any Town of Castle Rock event and undoubtedly you’ll see folks sporting the 105 West beer drinking bear logo. The brewery has a devoted following in local craft beer lovers. Why? Well, the beer is fantastic, so that helps. But beyond that, 105 West Brewing is a big and important part of our community.

105 West Brewing Company, a craft brewery in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Keeping It Local

Castle Rock resident Eric Seufert is the Founder and General Manager of 105 West Brewing Company. The path to 105 West started when Seufert opened Castle Rock Homebrew Supply in 2013. After operating the homebrew shop for a few years, Seufert decided to open a brewery in the same center. He approached several friends to invest in the startup brewery, ultimately signing on 11 other owner partners, many (if not all) being other local residents. One of those co-owners is 105 West Head Brewer, Kjell Wygant. Wygant, another town resident, came to 105 West already well-known thanks to his years as Head Brewer at Rockyard – the only other Castle Rock brewery in town when 105 West opened. Having a tight-knit group of owners who live and work in the community certainly helped get early word of mouth out about 105 West Brewing Company.

Kjell Wygant and Eric Seufert of 105 West Brewing Company
Kjell Wygant and Eric Seufert of 105 West Brewing Company

Community events at the brewery have also gotten many locals involved. From the weekly Trails and Ales mountain biking gathering to the annual celebration of the United States Marine Corps birthday, plus many other events in between, lots of great happenings take place at 105 West Brewing Company. For over three years, 105 West has played host to many events that unite our community. They were also the first brewery to bring regular, nightly food trucks to Castle Rock, bringing people together over the shared love of great food paired with delicious craft beer.

Paying It Forward

Clearly, 105 West Brewing Company serves the local community in more ways than one. Yes, they serve us beer, and they also serve as a wonderful gathering spot for friends and family to meet. However, in a more literal way, they serve the community by supporting many of our local causes and non-profit organizations. Gratuities aren’t accepted at 105 West, so cash left behind as tips are donated to a different cause each month. (Rest assured, this doesn’t come from the employee’s pockets. Staff members are paid a good hourly wage and receive shares in a revenue sharing system in place of customer gratuities.)

105 West Brewing Company, a craft brewery in Castle Rock, Colorado

Causes vary monthly, but over the years we’ve seen 105 West Brewing Company contributions go to organizations that help veterans, children, senior citizens, and first responders, to name a few. When Douglas County Deputy Zackari Parrish was killed in December 2017, the brewery responded by making the Douglas County Fallen Officer Fund their charity focus. The 105 West community gave generously, raising $9691 in support of Officer Parrish’s family. Several months later 105 West followed that up by releasing a special collaboration beer, Fallen Heroes Bourbon Barrel-Aged Apricot Saison, to further benefit the Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation.

Pouring beer for 105 West Brewing Company, Castle Rock, Colorado

Tapping Into The 105 West Beers

Community and philanthropy are wonderful qualities in a brewery, but we know what y’all are thinking, “What about the beer?” Our short answer is that the beer is incredible. 105 West Brewing keeps a variety of styles on tap, all of which are solid, enjoyable brews. You can expect to find a rotating lineup of customer favorites, seasonal specialties, and several new brews and tasty deviations on tap anytime you visit. But there are some brews you’re bound to find on tap more than others, wholly based on customer demand. In short, if there is one thing that 105 West drinkers want, need and constantly crave… it’s Deez Nuts.

Much Ado About Deez Nuts

Deez Nuts quickly became an accidental flagship at 105 West Brewing Company. The beer, a peanut butter and hazelnut infused ale, was so popular that people were constantly asking for it by name. Their demand for Deez Nuts pretty much ensures it will be made fairly regularly. This beer is such a customer favorite that when we pour for 105 West Brewing at an event if Deez Nuts isn’t on tap that’s all we hear about during the shift. “Where’s Deez Nuts? No Deez Nuts?” Then we have to go through all the stages of grief with them – denial, anger, bargaining, and depression – until they finally reach acceptance and let us pour them another very fine tasting 105 West beer.

Deez Nuts, a peanut butter and hazelnut infused favorite at 105 West Brewing Company, Castle Rock, CO. Now available in cans.

Deez Nuts is so popular that 105 West Brewing Company just wrapped up a weeklong celebration of the beer and its many variations. It was Nuts Gone Wild Week, featuring all your favorite Nuts… Coco Deez Nuts, Jelly’s Spicy Nuts, Nuts In The Dark, etc. As you can imagine, the only thing better than Deez Nuts is all the nut-related fun you can have when ordering the beer. Because silly name notwithstanding, it’s actually a really delicious beer. If you haven’t tasted Deez Nuts you’re missing out. Seriously, you’ve got to get some of Deez Nuts in your mouth. Everybody loves Deez Nuts!

Other 105 West Favorites

When 105 West Brewing first opened they didn’t start with any predesignated flagships, but after three-plus years, many well-received brews are now in a fairly regular rotation, not just Deez Nuts. Some of our favorites among these recurring beers include their IPAs: Rocky Mountain Juice, Hopped and Loaded, and Jelly the Elder. If you like your beers less bitter and more malt-forward, then Squirrel Nut Sipper and Coal Train Porter are excellent brews. For big and bold flavors you can’t go wrong with a Russian Imperial Stout or Scottish Ale. However, given the constantly changing menu, the better approach may be to narrow down beers to the style you like and just give the beer options a try. The 105 West staff can also help guide you to your next favorite.

We’re not the only folks impressed by 105 West Brewing’s beer. The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) judges have been appreciative, too. Last year 105 West Brewing won the gold medal in the Speciality Saison category for their Apricot Saison. It was the brewery’s second consecutive win, having also won a 2017 silver medal in the American-Style Wheat Beer category for their Lemon Rye.

Kjell Wygant hangs a 2018 GABF Gold Medal for 105 West Brewing Company's Apricot Saison.
Kjell Wygant hangs a GABF Gold Medal for 105 West Brewing’s Apricot Saison

Yes They Can!

Last year, 105 West Brewing Company completed an expansion of their brewhouse. They rearranged their storefront spaces a bit to shift the homebrew shop down so they could move their brewing equipment into the old homebrew space. Everything is still located on the same property, just a few doors away from each other, but the movement allowed for a bigger brewhouse and more seating space in the taproom. Thanks to this additional space, 105 West Brewing was able to add a canning line. In October they finally started canning their more popular brews and selling them in 4- and 6-packs. You can now find these beers at select retailers in and around Castle Rock, though for the best selection of the freshest beer it’s still worth a trip to the tasting room.

105 West Brewing Company, now available in cans at the taproom and select local retailers
105 West beer sighting in the wild, at a local liquor retailer

In October 2018, 105 West Brewing also launched a new membership-based Case Club. An annual Case Club membership gets you a punch card good for 12 cases of beer during the year. Members get first dibs on new releases and special offerings. They also receive get a discount at the brewery, a fancy members mug, and access to pours from a special members-only executive tap. Learn more about the 105 West Case Club at http://105westbrewing.com/case-club.

Visit 105 West Brewing Company

There’s no better time than Castle Rock Craft Beer Week to check out 105 West Brewing Company. Stop by their taproom and enjoy up to 16 different brews on tap. You can take home a few sixers or crowlers of your favorites. The taproom is open 7 days a week, with a food truck on every night and live music on Saturdays.

105 West Brewing Company - Craft beer in Castle Rock, CO

105 West Brewing Company
1043 Park St
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Visit 105 West Brewing Online
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
105 West Brewing on Taphunter

Outside looking in at 105 West Brewing Company, Castle Rock, CO.
Outside looking in at 105 West Brewing Company

About Castle Rock Craft Beer Week

Castle Rock Craft Beer Week runs from February 25 through March 3, 2019. 
Grab a Castle Rock Craft Beer Week passport at one of the 5 Castle Rock craft breweries this week (while supplies last) and earn prizes for drinking Castle Rock beer.

Participating Castle Rock Breweries:
Rockyard Brewing Company
105 West Brewing Company
BURLY Brewing Company
Iron Mule Brewing 
Wild Blue Yonder Brewing Company

Castle Rock Craft Beer Week - Castle Rock, Colorado - February 25 to March 3, 2019

For more information on Castle Rock Craft Beer Week visit the official event page at facebook.com/events/Drinks/castle-rock-craft-beer-week/372650170218468.

TIP: If you enjoy Castle Rock craft beer, look for the Castle Rock brewery collaboration beer at the 2019 Collaboration Fest. The festival takes place in Denver on March 16.

A 105 West Brewing Company bear sighting in downtown Castle Rock, Colorado.
Downtown Castle Rock bear sighting

Cheers to Castle Rock craft beer!


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