33 Creative Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

So you’ve survived the first big shopping weekend of the holiday season. Woohoo!

We hope that in the days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday you picked up lots of deals. However, if you still have a beer lover to shop for this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 33 of our favorite products & gifts, each of which are beer geek tested & BMT approved. Browse our suggestions below and you’re sure to find some great gift ideas. Best of all, everything we’ve included in our gift guide below is available online. That means you can shop without leaving your couch. Woohoo!

So, go pour yourself a cold craft beer and settle in for some online shopping. Make sure you get something nice for yourself while we’re at it. Cheers!

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Creative Gifts for Beer Lovers: Holiday Edition

Great Beer Books

There’s no shortage of books about beer. If you search Amazon for books about beer, you’ll find over 40,000 results. While we can’t say we’ve read them all, we did thoroughly enjoy these three books this year:

The Beer Bucket List by Mark Dredge
For us, beer and adventure go hand in hand. We started our blog as a way to document our adventures in seeking out new beers, and though we’ve had fewer adventures than we’d like recently, we’re always dreaming of our next one. That’s where the Beer Bucket List comes in. This book combines travel guides, history, and some of the greatest beer destinations to help you discover some epic beer adventures of your own.

Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out by Josh Noel
If we could only recommend one book about the beer industry, this would be the book. Josh Noel does an incredible job of telling the story behind Goose Island Beer and the sellout that shook the craft beer industry. Less you think this is a dry beer industry book, let us assure you that the story behind the Goose Island sellout to AB-InBev is captivating and reads like a novel. No matter where you stand on the topic of sellouts, this book is engaging and a great peek behind the scenes of the big business that is the beer industry.

Lush: A Season-by-Season Celebration of Craft Beer and Produce by Jacquelyn Dodd
Beer and food pairing is all the rage, but why stop there? Jacquelyn Dodd creates delicious meals by incorporating beer in the recipe. We love this book for the produce-forward recipes that help us create amazing by combining our farmer’s market haul with our favorite brews.

Festive Holiday Inspired Beer Gifts

Forget about eggnog and whatever wassail is… the holiday season is the most wonderful time for a beer! Here are a few of our favorite Christmas season gifts for the beer lover.

Department 56 Christmas in the City Village Brew House Lit House
Every good neighborhood needs a brewery, so why should your Christmas Village be any different? Add this festive brewhouse to your Christmas Village decorations and watch all the villagers rejoice!

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas 2019 Beer Stein Ornament
Start a new tradition by decking the tree with this German Oktoberfest inspired beer stein. The detail is exceptional, with a different design on each side and a lid that really opens. Now all you’ll need is some pretzel ornaments!

Tipsy Elves Functional Bottle Opener Christmas Sweater
‘Tis the season for ugly sweater parties, and this sweater is a perfect way for any beer lover to show off their holiday cheer. Yeah, it’s technically a men’s sweater, but I’m sure ladies can rock the beer-bottle-tree look, too. As a bonus, the star atop the tree is a real bottle opener!

Beer Glassware Sets

Having the proper glassware to enjoy your beer is a must, especially in a market where canned beer is gaining popularity. These glassware options will help any beer lover better enjoy their brew!

6 Pack of Cheers All Ultimate Pint Glasses
The Ultimate Pint Glass by Cheers All was designed by beer scientists to help enhance the aroma and flavor of your beer. The shape helps to trap those wonderful aromatics, while a laser-etched hop on the bottom creates nucleation points (a sciency way of saying it keeps things bubbly) which further enhances the flavor and aroma. Plus each glass features a different hop to help everyone remember which beer glass is theirs.

Set of 4 Teku Stemmed Craft Beer Glasses
Not only do these craft beer glasses look elegant, but they were designed to create the ideal full sensory drinking experience, with distinctive aromas and a completely undiluted flavor. These glasses are handmade, dishwasher safe, and ready to take some Instagram #beeroftheday pictures.

Stange Kölsch German Beer Glass Set
IPA glasses are so 2018. If your favorite beer geek enjoys a great Kölsch or other German beers, this Kölsch glass set will be put to good use. The tall, narrow design of this glass is perfect for bocks, lambics, pilseners, and other light-bodied brews. They can also be used as highball glasses for cocktails. Cheers!

Fun & Games

Beer is many things, but above all, we think it’s meant to be fun! So why not encourage your beer lover to have some fun while imbibing on their favorite brew?

Beer Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book for Beer Lovers
Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy coloring? Adult coloring books are all the rage because they offer a relaxing way to unwind and show off your artistic side. Know someone who needs to chill out? This book, some crayons or colored pencils, and a six-pack of their favorite beer should do the trick!

Unlabeled, the Blind Beer Tasting Board Game
Gather your fellow beer nerds together and put your taste buds to the test! Each round of Unlabeled will have players sampling beer to attempt to identify the beer’s characteristics, category, or type. It’s a fun way to test your beer geek skills with friends at home or at your favorite local brewery.

Exploding Kittens Party Pack
While this isn’t technically a beer gift, we would argue that it’s the perfect gift for a beer lover who enjoys playing games when they visit local breweries. We keep the Exploding Kitten Party Pack in our car and feel it’s the perfect brewery game. You can play with 2-10 players, it’s quick and easy to learn, and there are no dice or pieces you could easily lose. Plus Exploding Kittens is fun for adults and kiddos alike, and no actual kittens explode. Yay!

Beer Gifts for Guys

There are plenty of gifts out there for men who like beers, so we tried to pick a few less obvious choices. These personal care items will show that you see your fella as more than just a beer bro.

DAFT ‘Special Edition’ Man Comb, The Ultimate Hair, Beard, and Beer Tool
The DAFT Man Comb is a slick, hand-finished stainless steel folding pocket comb and bottle opener. It’s the perfect grooming accessory for hair, beards, and mustaches, and it doubles as a handy bottle opener. It is compact enough to fit in his pocket or on a keychain, but big enough to keep him looking sharp at all times. It’s a must-have accessory for any beer-loving man about town.

Duke Cannon Ice Cold Beer Shower Sack and Gift Set for Men
Duke Cannon is a manly brand, and as such, makes many manly things. We have been fans of Duke Cannon for years, and have given our own manly men (aka our dads) a few of the Duke products in the past. They’re always a big hit. This year we love the Ice Cold Beer Shower Sack set, featuring 6 skin care and grooming products for men, including a “Big Ass Beer Soap” made with Old Milwaukee. Bonus: A portion of the proceeds benefit U.S. Veterans.

Cremo Unscented Beard Oil
With the love of beer often comes the love of beards. At least, that’s how it works in our house. And around here there is no lack of beard care products, but this is Jeff’s favorite. It reduces itching, promotes healthy beard growth, and keeps that facial hair soft and moisturized. This particular beard oil is also unscented, perfect for beer tasting when you want to focus on the aroma in your beer, not your beard. Check out the full lineup of Cremo products on Amazon, and build him a gift set he’ll appreciate long after the holiday is over.

Gifts for Girls

Beer isn’t just for the fellas anymore. More and more ladies are enjoying beer, so let’s celebrate those beer-loving girls with something cute and hoppy.

Mama Needs a Beer Tee
Mothers deserve a lot of things, including our love, respect, and admiration. But sometimes, mama just needs a beer, and what better way for her to get the point across than with this awesome t-shirt? It’s a super cute shirt for all the beer-drinking moms in your life, including the moms of the 4-legged fur babies (like me.)

Handmade Sterling Silver Little Hop Flower Post Earrings
Show her that you love her craft beer obsession with jewelry! These adorable hop earrings are made from hand-cast solid sterling silver (.925). They’re a lightweight and beautiful way for her to show off her love of beer, yet are subtle enough to wear every day.

Beer & Body Craft Beer Girls Bangle Bracelet
We first learned about Beer & Body on Facebook, where there are several groups for women who drink craft beer as part of their healthy, balanced lifestyle. This Beer & Body Bangle Bracelet is a great gift for ladies to show their love of craft beer.

Beer Gifts for Cat People

Why have a section for people who love cats and beer? Because we love cats and beer! Beer swag isn’t just for dogs, ya know. Here are a few of our favorite beer-themed gifts for our feline-loving beer geeks!

LookHUMAN Beer, Beards and Cats Ceramic Coffee Mug
Beer, beards, and cats. Yep, these are a few of our favorite things! This adorable original design is the perfect way to celebrate that person that is a beer-drinking, beard-loving, friend to all felines. Bonus: People will totally think they’re drinking coffee when it very possibly could be beer. So sneaky!

White Paw Cat Toy
Inspired by the spiked seltzer that is literally everywhere this year, this White Paw cat toy is too cute! Not only is it cute and trendy, but it has USDA certified catnip, so your kitty will love getting her claws into this White Paw toy! This is a handmade toy by the shop On The Go With Ro on Etsy, so order early to ensure holiday delivery.

Hope You Brought Beer and Catnip Welcome Mat
This hand-painted welcome mat provides will let your visitors know not to show up empty-handed! Made and sold by aDoorable Mat Co on Etsy, this welcome mat is super cute and unlike anything you’ll find in a store. Bonus: 10% of your purchase will be donated to a charity that you select during checkout.

Beer Gifts for the Bath

It’s probably not a good idea to start your day with a beer every morning, but beer can still be a part of your morning routine! These beer products are made for the shower, not the fridge, and can keep your beer lover feeling clean and fresh all day long.

BROO Craft Beer Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner
Infusing shampoo with beer isn’t a new thing (does anyone remember Body on Tap from the 70’s?) However, BROO has created great products that are more than a marketing gimmick – all while keeping their shampoo color safe and vegan. This shampoo & conditioner will leave your hair soft, shiny, and scented with just a touch of hop flower aroma. BROO makes several varieties of shampoo so be sure to check out the whole lineup to pick the one perfect for your tresses.

Beer Soap 6 Pack
Give the gift of a 6-pack they can take to the shower with these all-natural soaps. This gift pack includes six different flavors, or rather, scents. They smell great, lather up nicely, and will keep their skin feeling good all day.

Beauty and the Bees Real Beer Shampoo Bar
Handmade in Tasmania Australia, this Real Beer Shampoo Bar has been a favorite for generations thanks to its ability to leave your hair shiny, bouncy, and full of body. This shampoo bar 100% natural and cleans gently without stripping your hair’s natural oils, making it perfect for all ages and genders, even babies! The bar is equal to about 2 bottles of liquid shampoo and is sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free, and plastic-free.

Beer Gifts for the Home

There’s no place like home for the holidays, especially when that home has a well-stocked beer fridge! While beer is a great gift on its own, these beer-inspired gifts for the home are pretty sweet, too.

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler, Beers of the World Design
If your beer nerd has been really good this year, get them something really good in return… like this NewAir beer fridge. There are modular shelves to accommodate all different sizes of canned and bottled beer. This NewAir refrigerator can hold up to 126 cans… that’s 21 six-packs of standard size cans! Best of all, it’s compact footprint and limited edition design would look good anywhere. To see even more NewAir beverage refrigerators, visit newair.com/collections/beverage-fridges.

Torched Beer Candles
Crafted from amber beer bottles, these Torched soy wax candles are inspired by the aromas found in craft beer and ciders. The bottles are cut at a 20-degree angle, giving them a distinctive shape that transcends their six-pack past. For the winter season, our favorite scent is Pinewood Pilsner, though all the Torched Beer Candle varieties smell wonderful.

2020 Beer Signs Wall Calendar
Help your favorite beer geek remember important dates with this retro-inspired beer sign calendar. With witty quotes and monthly jokes, it’s a great way to track the year to come while showing off their love of beer. Plus, there are stickers to mark important days and appointments. Everyone loves stickers!

Gifts for Drinking Beer (and other things)

It’s no surprise that we love to drink beer. But guess what? We like to drink other things, too! That’s where these products come in. Sure they’re great for beer, but they also work for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or whatever other bevvie we may be enjoying in between beers!

BrüMate HOPSULATOR TRíO 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler
The HOPSULATOR TRíO is much more than your average beer koozie. It’s a double-walled stainless steel can cooler that keeps your beer 20x colder than the koozies you’re using today. It’s also large enough to hold a 16-ounce can with an adapter to fit 12-ounce cans. Best of all, it’s can also double as a 16-ounce drinking cup with a lid that can be used for both hot and cold beverages. Suck on that, old-school koozies.

Probably Beer Enamel Coffee Mug
This camping-style enamel mug is for so much more than coffee. It’s lightweight, durable, and big, holding 16-ounces of whatever beverage you want to put in it, including beer! Because it’s so durable it’s perfect for a travel mug, camping mug, or something tough to use at work to make the Human Resources Department nervous. Fun!

Suzy Beer Mitt, Knit Beverage Insulating Koozie
Real beer lovers don’t stop enjoying beer when the weather gets cold. But how do you keep your hands warm while keeping your beer (or other beverage) cold? That’s where Suzy Beer Mitt comes in, to keep your beverage cold without freezing your fingers! Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, tailgating, Christmas caroling, or whenever they’ll be outdoors in the cold enjoying a beverage.

Beer Gifts That Keep On Giving

Want to give your beer lover a gift they can enjoy long after the holiday is gone? Consider signing them up for one of these great merchants, which they can enjoy long after the holiday is over.

Shirts On Tap
We love Shirts on Tap! The subscription service itself is awesome, letting you sign up for a specific city to get a unique shirt from a local brewery each month. They work with the brewery and graphic designers to create shirt designs that you won’t find anyplace else. Shirts on Tap (SOT) is hands-down our favorite subscription service for beer geeks like us. Right now SOT is available for 7 cities: Denver, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and New England. For the holidays, pick up a gift subscription or get them a gift card so they can pick out something for themselves. You can even send them a Brewery Shirt 4-Pack. There are lots of options, and all the products are of excellent quality. Check out the subscription options, explore the previous (retired) shirts, and see all their cool merch at shirtsontap.com.

The Hop Passport
Grab a passport for the beer geek in your life and help them explore the breweries in their state! The Hop Passport offers 16 different state/regional options. In each passport, you’ll find beer specials (usually 2-for-1) at a variety of local breweries. Visit a brewery, get your passport stamped, and take advantage of the drink special. The beer special for each location is good only once, and the booklet expires on December 31, 2020. Can they fill up their Hop Passport before the year ends? Buy them one and find out! Passports are available as booklets or digital formats. Check out all the options & purchase your Hop Passport at app.hoppassport.com/shop/

Tavour Gift Box or Gift Certificate
Finally, there is no better gift for a beer lover than some great craft beer. For the holidays, get them something special that they can’t buy every day. Tavour offers access to hard-to-find craft beers from across the U.S, with new beers becoming available every day. Tavour customers can create a custom monthly box with as many beers as they want for one flat fee, or they can get a subscription with no minimums or commitments. Give the gift of beer with Tavour by either sending them a gift card or buying them a gift box. Either way, you’re guaranteed that they’ll get some of the best craft beer available, and you’ll be the hero of the holidays. Visit gifts.tavour.com for more information.

Bonus Gift Idea #34!

Hopefully, these beer gifts gave you some ideas to finish your holiday shopping. At the very least, we hope you found some awesome things to put on your own holiday wish list. If you still didn’t find the perfect gift for your (clearly) super picky beer-loving pal, how about you get them a gift card for their favorite local brewery. They can use it for beer, they can use it for merch, and maybe if you’re lucky, they can invite you out to have some beers with them. Win/Win!

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