Colorado Breweries

If following our adventures on Bottle Makes Three leaves you a bit thirsty, then get out there and visit your local craft brewery!

Looking for our Colorado Brewery Directory?

Keeping a current list of all the active Colorado breweries is a difficult task. Not only are new breweries still opening at a fairly quick pace, but existing brewhouses are expanding to new locations, moving, and occasionally even closing or rebranding. It’s a lot of work to keep up with all the changes. At Bottle Makes Three we’ve decided that a better use of our time is visiting the breweries, enjoying the beers, talking to the brewery staff, and sharing our stories with you. For that reason, we are no longer maintaining a comprehensive Colorado Brewery Directory.

On the upside, there is already a site that keeps a handy, accurate and complete list of all the Colorado breweries. In fact, they do it better than we ever could! Check out the Colorado Brewery List!

We are not affiliated with the Colorado Brewery List, but we’re big fans – of the site and the people behind it. We run into them occasionally at beer festivals, breweries, and events. We like them, and we really appreciate what they do. So whether you are looking for a brewery near you or you want the most up-to-date info on a specific Colorado brewery, pay the Colorado Brewery List a visit at

Coming Soon: Colorado Breweries Visited

Watch this space because we’ll be adding a list of all the breweries that Bottle Makes Three has visited and written about here. Eventually, you can see all our brewery visits in one handy list, sorted by region.

The key word is “Eventually.”

Hopefully soon.

If you have any question or want to shout at us about losing your BMT Colorado Brewery Directory, feel free to contact us.