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Beer And Pretzels: Celebrating National Pretzel Day

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Today we’re happy to bring you the first post in a new series here at Bottle Makes Three: the Beer And series. Each month we will take a look at at Beer And… something. That something could be a food, a holiday, a place, an activity… or just about anything else. After all, beer makes everything better. Okay, maybe not everything… but most things …

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10 Ingredients for a Great Brewery Taproom

In Beer, Whatever by Chris & Jeff1 Comment

You may be shocked to hear this, but we have visited a lot of breweries. Like, a lot. Okay, so maybe the fact that we love beer and breweries isn’t exactly our best kept secret. But it could surprise you to know that we love visiting breweries for much more than just beer. Truth be told, we love the whole experience …

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Beer 101: The What and Why of the Reinheitsgebot

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Around the Bottle Makes Three world headquarters we’ve been feeling a bit German lately. Last week’s 3-post series on Oktoberfest made us want to gear up in our lederhosen and head out for some schnitzel and brats. It also left us thirsty for more knowledge on German beer. That’s why today we’re going to look at the traditional German beer law …

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The Beer Drinking American’s Guide to Oktoberfest: Part 3

In Beer Travel by Chris1 Comment

Today we wrap up our guest writer series on Oktoberfest. We hope you’ve found the information helpful, and it inspires you to make a trip to the annual Bavarian beer fest. If you missed the earlier posts, make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2, so you’re armed with all the tips you need to make the most of Oktoberfest. Today …

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10 Beer Fests & Events for April

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Happy April Fool’s Day! You could say we deal with April Fool’s all month. After all, spring is the time that Mother Nature loves to prank us Coloradans. She’ll give us warm, sunny days followed by heavy, wet snow; non-stop rain followed by something we like to call “fire weather” warnings. Yep, April’s weather forecast can feel like a never-ending …

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Collaboration Fest 2017: The Biggest and Best Yet

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Last Saturday we attended the 4th Annual Collaboration Fest at the National Western Complex in Denver. As promised, this year’s Collaboration Fest was bigger and better than previous years. The expanded space allowed for more brewers, more beer, and more thirsty beer drinkers. It was just generally more fun! There was so many great beers to be enjoyed, that we couldn’t even get …

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Let’s Celebrate Colorado Craft Beer Week!

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Beginning today, the Colorado Brewers Guild and breweries will host hundreds of events in celebration of Colorado Craft Beer Week. So beginning today and continuing all week, we urge you to get out there and experience why Colorado is known as the state of craft beer! Now we could list out a bunch of events for you, but we decided against …

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2017 Collaboration Fest Preview: Little Machine Beer & Joyride Brewing Collaboration Brew Day

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We are continuing our sneak peak at the beers available at the upcoming Collaboration Festival. The Collaboration Fest returns to Denver for their 4th year on Saturday, March 25. With featuring more than 150 breweries working together (yay teamwork!) to brew more than 100 beers, the Collaboration Fest has long been a favorite annual beer festival of ours. Most of …

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2017 Collaboration Fest Preview: 105 West Brewing & Chain Reaction Collaboration Brew

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The Collaboration Festival is returning to Denver for their 4th year on Saturday, March 25th. This is one of our favorite annual festivals, because when great breweries come together to collaborate on a brew, you’re certain to get some very special and unique beers. This year the Collaboration Fest features more 100 beers from over 150 breweries, each made by …

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Jameson Releases Great Divide Brewing Co Edition of Caskmates

In Beer, Whiskey by Chris

Synergy (noun): A state in which two or more things work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. Expressed also as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” It’s no surprise that most beer drinkers enjoy whiskey, and vice versa. A shot of whiskey with a beer …

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Celebrate Stout Month at Mountain Sun Breweries

In Beer Styles, Events by Chris

Hellooooo February! It is no small accomplishment that we managed to survive the first month of 2017. So far this year has seen people pretty divided, but February is the month that we turn the corner. After all, this is the month when we finally give up on those resolutions and get down with a heart-shaped box of chocolate temptation. …

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Event Preview: Denver Winter Brew Fest

In Events by Chris

We used to write about how the summer months in Colorado were Beer Festival Season. When the weather is sunny and warm, the number of beer festivals are staggering. Summer time in Colorado is filled with more beer festivals than any one person could attend – at least until they perfect cloning or time travel. It’s an embarrassment of riches. In …

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Out With the Old, In With the New

In Beer, Blogging by Chris

Hey guys, guess what? It’s 2017! We finally made it out of the dumpster fire that was 2016 and can once again be optimistic about the start of a new year. Or at least that’s how I was feeling on New Year’s Day, just before I got hit with the flu bug. We can’t blame 2017 for the virus, clearly …