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Boulder Strong Ale Fest Sneek Peek

This Saturday Avery Brewing Company will be hosting the 13th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest. This beer festival celebrates the biggest and baddest (in a good way) beers from around the country. Beers served at this festival all have an ABV of 8% or higher, and according to the festival description, each beer must “represent something very special from the heart and soul of its creator.” As you can imagine this is a popular beer […]

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Grand Opening at Avery Brewing's new location | bottlemakesthree.com

Inside Avery Brewing’s New Home

For a variety of reasons that we won’t bore you with, we’re a bit behind on blog posts. This month we’ll be playing catch up, bringing you a few new articles about brewery visits we’ve made when there just wasn’t enough time to write. Hopefully by the end of the month our writing will have caught up to our drinking – just in time for spring and the start of beer festival season! Today we […]

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Avery Tweak Releases on November 16

Do you like beer? How about coffee? Bourbon, too?  If like us you answered yes, then Avery Brewing Company has the beer for you! This Sunday, November 16th, Avery Brewing is releasing Tweak, the newest member of their annual barrel series. Tweak is a big 17.81% ABV coffee stout that’s spent 4 months aging in Bourbon barrels. This is a big, bold coffee beer with a kick! Bottle sales will take place in Avery’s Boulder tap […]

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Springtime Boulder Brewery Crawl

Spring has sprung people!  While we still get the occasional cooler weather pattern traipsing through our state, the sunny and warm days are beginning to outnumber the chilly ones.  It’s about fucking time, wouldn’t you say?  I mean, winter in Colorado is lovely and not even as snowy as people who live outside the state seem to imagine, but this year it’s totally over-stayed its welcome.  Spending a lazy afternoon sipping drinks on a sunny […]

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Beer My Valentine

It’s Friday and it’s Valentine’s Day.  Queue up the Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love” and celebrate with the one you love…. BEER. This Valentine’s Day Jeff and I have decided to stay in, cook up some penne with homemade vodka sauce, and maybe even crack open that acrylic painting kit I got for Christmas (2012) that’s been collecting dust.  Yessiree, it’s going to be a romantic night of penne & painting for us, maybe paired […]

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Catching Up with BMT

Will you ever forgive us for being so neglectful to our little blog? It’s been about three months since our last post. There’s no excuse for being gone so long, so we won’t even bother making one up. Instead we’ll just move forward, and recap some of what we’ve been up to over the past 89 days. First of all, we want to assure you that while we haven’t had time to write, we have […]

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