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Beads, Barrels, and lots of Beer!

Holy Frijoles, have we been busy with some fun local beer events!   Beer season is not even in full gear yet, and it seems every weekend there are lots of great activities to choose from.  We’ve had so much fun that we have, once again, fallen behind in updating our BMT friends about all of our shenanigans.   Yep, it’s a pitfall of being on the BMT crew; sometimes you’re enjoy yourself too much to […]

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A Word From the Rascal about Elevated Wood

As you may know, Bottle Makes Three is the creation of Jeff + Chris + Beer.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that we’re out there on our own enjoying all this craft beer fun…  Heavens, no!  It takes a village of friends and family to have all the good times that we write about in our modest little blog.  This week, one of those friends – the White Rascal – wanted to share his own beer […]

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Renegade Brewing 1st Anniversary Party

After finishing our Challenge Nation race yesterday, we were ready to party!   Lucky for us there was a celebration in progress at nearby Renegade Brewing Company.  It was Renegade’s 1st Anniversary party, and being such big fans of this brewery, we weren’t going to miss it! It seems like Renegade Brewing has made lots of fans over their first year, because this party was packed full of people celebrating this favorite neighborhood brewery.  Renegade opened […]

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