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shallow focus photography of green tree

Spring Awakening

Hello friend, and happy spring! In case you missed it, Sunday, March 20 was the spring equinox, so spring has officially sprung. The equinox means that we’ll get a little more sunshine every day, meaning the eventual return of warmer weather and greener surroundings. Soon enough, the leaves will return to our barren trees, and plants will push up through the earth to be reborn. Before we know it, our beige and dusty Colorado landscapes […]

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Howdy, Texas

I’m just under 39,000 feet above you right now, Texas. And even though I won’t land for another hour or so, I still can’t get this one song about you out of my mind. It’s been playing on a loop inside my head for weeks…

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Hot BMT Summer

Oh, hey friend!  When we last caught up, summer was just around the corner and the pandemic seemed to be heading out for good. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? Now summer is winding down and, sadly, COVID-19 isn’t. Damn.  So how are things? We hope you’re having your version of a Hot Girl Summer, whatever that may look like for you.

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It’s Been a Minute

Hello, friends. Remember us? It’s been awfully quiet here on our little corner of the internet. Has it really been two months? To be clear, we didn’t plan on taking a break. But with so much happening, it seemed like a good idea to take a big step back and accept the unexpected sabbatical. Besides, there are just some things in life more important than beer. Like health, safety, equality, and justice. You know, all […]

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