We Are Almost Certainly Not Dead

Chris Random

Howdy friends. It’s been a while, so we thought we should reassure everyone that we’re still alive. Not only that, but we’re still alive and drinking! We just haven’t been able to make time to write about it for quite some time. In fact, we haven’t gotten out nearly enough …

It’s Awfully Quiet

Chris Beer

It’s been incredibly quiet around here lately, and for that we’re really sorry. Our extended absence wasn’t planned, but it was necessary. The past few months, maybe even the last year, has been totally ridiculous. To say we’ve been busy would be an understatement. We were drowning in obligations and responsibilities. …

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43 Days

Chris Beer

Wow. It’s been 43 days since we last wrote anything for our Bottle Makes Three followers. Jeez, we totally SUCK. We won’t bore you with the “we have been oh so busy” nonsense, because while it’s all true, it’s just not a valid excuse. Certainly we could and should have found the …

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Say Goodnight, Gracie

Chris Beer

Warning: This post is a bit sad and has absolutely nothing to do with beer. If you prefer to keep our relationship on a superficial level, where we just have fun and discuss beer, maybe skip this post and come back next week. We’ll be ready to return to our …