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43 Days

Chris Beer

Wow. It’s been 43 days since we last wrote anything for our Bottle Makes Three followers. Jeez, we totally SUCK. We won’t bore you with the “we have been oh so busy” nonsense, because while it’s all true, it’s just not a valid excuse. Certainly we could and should have found the …

2014 Year in Review

Chris Random

With just a few hours left in 2014, today is a day of great reflection on all that the past year has given us. For Bottle Makes Three, 2014 was a breakthrough year. We attended our first Beer Bloggers Conference, which has helped us find our voice and understand our …

Thank Bottle Makes Three It’s Friday

Chris Beer

This has been one helluva long week.  Thank goodness it’s Friday, so we can wash this week away with some cold, delicious beers. Unfortunately this has been such a crazy week that we don’t have a proper Bottle Makes Three blog post to share with you today.  Sorry, but its …