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Vision Quest Brewing Company| 5 (More) Boulder Breweries Worth A Visit | BottleMakesThree.com

5 (More) Boulder Breweries Worth A Visit

One of the best things about living in central Colorado is that we can point the car in almost any direction, and find a fun day trip at a little city or town an hour or two away. So this past weekend that’s exactly what we did. We hadn’t been to Boulder in some time, so we directed our Jeep towards the Flatirons for a day of exploration. Boulder is a fun city with a whole personality […]

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Boulder Strong Ale Fest Sneek Peek

This Saturday Avery Brewing Company will be hosting the 13th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest. This beer festival celebrates the biggest and baddest (in a good way) beers from around the country. Beers served at this festival all have an ABV of 8% or higher, and according to the festival description, each beer must “represent something very special from the heart and soul of its creator.” As you can imagine this is a popular beer […]

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Walnut Brewery in Boulder, CO | Bottlemakesthree.com

Visiting Boulder’s Walnut Brewery

Update: In May 2017, Walnut Brewery was purchased by Boulder Beer Company. The Walnut Brewery location that we write about below has now closed.  On President’s Day last month, we made the trip to Boulder for the grand opening of the new Avery Brewing Co brewery. We figured if we were making the drive to Boulder we may as well hit a few more breweries still on our “need to visit” list, so we left […]

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Grand Opening at Avery Brewing's new location | bottlemakesthree.com

Inside Avery Brewing’s New Home

For a variety of reasons that we won’t bore you with, we’re a bit behind on blog posts. This month we’ll be playing catch up, bringing you a few new articles about brewery visits we’ve made when there just wasn’t enough time to write. Hopefully by the end of the month our writing will have caught up to our drinking – just in time for spring and the start of beer festival season! Today we […]

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At Long Last: Our Visit to Boulder Beer Company

When we started this little adventure called Bottle Makes Three we had the silly notion that we could visit all 200 or so Colorado Breweries in one year.  Maybe we could have done it too, if only we didn’t have jobs to work, cats to feed, and a mortgage to pay.  While we are still trying to get to all of the great breweries as part of our Colorado Brewery Challenge, clearly finishing our challenge […]

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Springtime Boulder Brewery Crawl

Spring has sprung people!  While we still get the occasional cooler weather pattern traipsing through our state, the sunny and warm days are beginning to outnumber the chilly ones.  It’s about fucking time, wouldn’t you say?  I mean, winter in Colorado is lovely and not even as snowy as people who live outside the state seem to imagine, but this year it’s totally over-stayed its welcome.  Spending a lazy afternoon sipping drinks on a sunny […]

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FATE Brewing and Boulder Sunsets = Awesome

We recently spent a sunny Sunday afternoon in Boulder, hiking and drinking, drinking and hiking.  We wrote about our hike up Bald Mountain and our beers at Twisted Pine in our last post.  Next up was a visit to another Boulder brewery, FATE Brewing Company. Although FATE Brewing is only a short distance from Twisted Pine, the places were like night and day.  Where Twisted Pine was mountain casual, FATE was definitely more modern, in […]

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Bald Mountain and Twisted Pine

So if there is one downfall to drinking a lot of good craft beer, it has to be the little extra poundage it can add to your midsection if you’re not careful.  Yep, the good old beer belly.   It’s a never-ending battle to be able to consume lots of yummy craft beers, without causing too much damage on the scale.  This is why when we planned a little brewery excursion to Boulder on Sunday July […]

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What’s Brewing in Boulder

For us, summer just isn’t complete if we don’t get to spend a nice sunny afternoon in Boulder.   Surrounded by beautiful mountain views is some of the best hiking, shopping, food and drink that Colorado has to offer.  There is always something happening in Boulder, and this weekend, we took a spur of the moment trip to see what fun we could drum up. First stop was the Pearl Street Mall.   As luck would have […]

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