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Pagosa Brewing Company & Grill, a brewpub in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Revisiting Pagosa Brewing Company

Even in a state with countless incredible cities and towns, Pagosa Springs, Colorado is a special place. It’s nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountain range, surrounded by national forest land, and home to the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring aquifer. In short, Pagosa Springs is an excellent location for all types of Colorado adventures. It’s also home to one of our favorite Colorado brewpubs: Pagosa Brewing Company.

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Experience Wonderful Views and Delicious Brews at El Rancho Brewing Company | BottleMakesThree.com

Experience Wonderful Views and Delicious Brews at El Rancho Brewing Company

If you’ve ever driven west on Interstate 70 from Denver to Evergreen, you’ve certainly seen the sign for El Rancho. We’ve certainly driven past it dozens of times. But if you’ve seen that sign and thought that El Rancho was just another small mountain town, boy do we have news for you. Located just off I-70 at Exit 251, El Rancho isn’t a town at all. El Rancho is a destination; a part of Colorado […]

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Manitou Brewing Co Review | bottlemakesthree.com

Pints and Pretzels at Manitou Brewing Co

It’s been raining a lot in Colorado of late, in case you didn’t know. The weekend before this last one we decided that we’d spent enough time sitting indoors because of the rain, and we decided to head south – where the sun was (mostly) shining and we could enjoy some fresh air and beautiful views. We spent most our afternoon walking around Colorado City and enjoying their annual Territory Days festival. Afterward we decided to head […]

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Walnut Brewery in Boulder, CO | Bottlemakesthree.com

Visiting Boulder’s Walnut Brewery

Update: In May 2017, Walnut Brewery was purchased by Boulder Beer Company. The Walnut Brewery location that we write about below has now closed.  On President’s Day last month, we made the trip to Boulder for the grand opening of the new Avery Brewing Co brewery. We figured if we were making the drive to Boulder we may as well hit a few more breweries still on our “need to visit” list, so we left […]

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Our Visit to San Luis Valley Brewing

Last weekend we took a road trip to Durango for Ska Brewing’s annual Anniversary Party and Brewers Invitational. You can read about it here. During our road trip we traveled through several great cities – big and small – a few of which had breweries. It seemed rude not to stop, so we did whenever we could. Today we want to tell you about our first stop in Alamosa to visit San Luis Valley Brewing […]

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At Long Last: Our Visit to Boulder Beer Company

When we started this little adventure called Bottle Makes Three we had the silly notion that we could visit all 200 or so Colorado Breweries in one year.  Maybe we could have done it too if only we didn’t have jobs to work, cats to feed, and a mortgage to pay.  While we are still trying to get to all of the great breweries as part of our Colorado Brewery Challenge, clearly finishing our challenge […]

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At Long Last… Dad and Dudes Breweria

We have waited far too to cross Dad and Dudes Breweria off our Colorado Brewery Challenge list.  Truth is, we’ve been here a few times we just never got around to writing about our visits because, to be honest, we left with very little to say.  You see, those first visits occurred shortly after Dad and Dudes Breweria first opened their brew pub in Aurora, and we were not particularly impressed.  During those initial visits Dad and […]

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FATE Brewing and Boulder Sunsets = Awesome

We recently spent a sunny Sunday afternoon in Boulder, hiking and drinking, drinking and hiking.  We wrote about our hike up Bald Mountain and our beers at Twisted Pine in our last post.  Next up was a visit to another Boulder brewery, FATE Brewing Company.

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Bald Mountain and Twisted Pine

So if there is one downfall to drinking a lot of good craft beer, it has to be the little extra poundage it can add to your midsection if you’re not careful. Yep, the good old beer belly. It’s a never-ending battle to be able to consume lots of yummy craft beers, without causing too much damage on the scale. This is why when we planned a little brewery excursion to Boulder on Sunday, July […]

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Behind the Scenes at CB and Potts

We’ve visited CB and Potts a lot lately. After all, we play kickball on Thursday nights near the Highlands Ranch CB and Potts location, and they offered us great beer deals for our post-game celebrations. I have to say, they’ve really won us over. Originally we sort of wrote this off as another chain restaurant that brews beer that isn’t half-bad for the suburban masses. We can admit now, we were too quick to judge. […]

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Fond Memories at Hops Restaurant & Brewery

Update: Sadly, as of 2014 Hops Restaurant & Breweries have closed their doors in Colorado, and most of the U.S. According to their website, there is one location left in Virginia. So pour out one for your former homie, y’all, and read our article to relive those Hop memories. 

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