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It’s Awfully Quiet

It’s been incredibly quiet around here lately, and for that we’re really sorry. Our extended absence wasn’t planned, but it was necessary. The past few months, maybe even the last year, has been totally ridiculous. To say we’ve been busy would be an understatement. We were drowning in obligations and responsibilities. Sometimes they were boring things that we just had to get done. Other times we were admittedly busy having too much fun to slow down […]

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Jameson Caskmates | BottleMakesThree.com

Say Goodnight, Gracie

Warning: This post is a bit sad and has absolutely nothing to do with beer. If you prefer to keep our relationship on a superficial level, where we just have fun and discuss beer, maybe skip this post and come back next week. We’ll be ready to return to our usual boozy capers by then. As we mentioned last week, things have been quiet around Bottle Makes Three recently. Mostly due to crazy work schedules, […]

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Little Machine Beer, Denver CO | BottleMakesThree.com

Cats, Robots and Little Machine Beer

For those of you paying attention, it’s been a few weeks since we posted anything substantial on Bottle Makes Three. A variety of things have stood in the way of our writing. You can chalk a lot of it up to the typical “busy time of the year” excuse I make each fall, because these last few months of each calendar year do get pretty stressful at work. But beyond that I just have been […]

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